Suspects: Mystery Mansion – How can I create a Match?

There are two types of matches in Suspects: Public Matches and Private Matches. “Play with friends” is a private match you can create which allows you to send a code to your friends. You can also join your friends’ private matches with a “Room code”.

Please note, that you can only earn a certain amount of IQ points in “Play with friend” matches.

“Play Public Game” allows you to play public matches with random players. It is not possible to play public games with friends.

How to join a match with friends

1. On the main screen, tap the “Play with friends” on the bottom right of your screen;
2. Enter the “Room code” of your friends room. Once entered, the “Join” button will be highlighted; tap it to enter the lobby.

How to create a match with friends

1. On the main screen, tap the “Play with friends” on bottom right of your screen;
2. Then, tap on “Create Match”. Afterwards, you’ll be taken to the lobby screen. At the top of this screen, you’ll see “Room code” which will be an assortment of letters. Give this code to your friends.
3. Once your friends are ready they’ll appear in the lobby. You can then begin the game by tapping on “Start Game”.

If you created a Private Match and you are the host, you can adjust the game mode and match rules by tapping the icon next to the room code.

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