Suspects: Mystery Mansion – What can I do as a Killer?

As a Killer, the main goal is to kill all the Guests in the mansion. However, you must try to do this without being discovered by the Guests! The number of Killers in each match will depend on the game settings. Each Killer will have to walk around the mansion killing Guests while also pretending to be a Guest. Besides walking around, Killers can also use trap doors to move around without being seen.

While moving around, try not to look suspicious by acting as a Guest, and avoid letting other players see you using the trap doors!

What can I do as a Killer?

  • Kill Guests;
  • Sabotage rooms – place bombs, turn off lights;
  • Use trap doors to move around the mansion;
  • Call a Meeting and Report a Dead Player;
  • Vote to remove other players (during meetings, only while alive);

Special Role: Assassin

The Assassin is part of the Killer team, but they can kill both Guests and Killers. Killers don’t know who the Assassin is, and vice-versa.
Any attempt from other Killers trying to murder the Assassin will fail… which will consequently disclose the Assassin’s identity to the Killer.

How to win as a Killer?

There are a few ways to win as a Killer. The first way is by slowly killing all the Guests in the mansion while making sure you are not discovered.
Another way to win as a Killer is by sabotaging. Sabotage consists in placing bombs that explode if nobody shows up to deactivate them, and also in turning off lights in specific areas of the mansion. This is a good way to make Guests move to a specific location in the mansion.

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Once the number of Guest survivors is equal or smaller to the number of Killers remaining, the Killers win the game.

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