Last Day on Earth: Getting Started

The main aim in Last Day on Earth is to survive. Stock up on food, clothes and weapons, build and fortify your base, because this world is cruel and full of dangers. Guard your property, find like-minded people, protect your life. Or choose your path. Because in this sick world you can’t say for sure who threatens you more – those who are alive or those who are dead.

Game interface

On the main screen of the game you can see the following buttons are described below:

1. Here you can see the list of friends, find out detailed information about the clan and change
privacy settings.

2. If you need to configure graphics and sound or link your account to save progress, then tap on it!
In addition, you can see the latest game news and contact technical support.

3. The mini-map shows all the surrounding objects, including enemies, be on the alert!

4. Editing buildings and furniture of the base, create your own impenetrable fortress!

5. Fast access slot, here you can place weapons, first aid kits and food.

6. Attack button, if you see an enemy – tap like as often as possible!

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7. To interact with surrounding objects and collecting valuable equipment.

8. You need to move quietly, this will help sneak up to the enemy and inflict a critical hit.

9. In the inventory you can see all the collected items and equip your character.

10. List of all available blueprints for buildings. Don’t forget to invest experience points for research
new blueprints.

11. Not enough resources to build the base?
You can find everything you need in the play store. Purchases and resources will be stored in the mailbox in this same section.

12. Information about the current playing season.

13. Game chat for interaction between players, clan members and tournament players.

14. Character control circle, movement is life!

15. Button for automatic collection of resources at the location. But be careful, it won’t save you from zombies!

What if my character dies?

The good news – after death, the character will immediately appear at your base again, the base itself, blueprints, buildings, the level and skills of your survivor are not affected by death, the game continues!

Now it’s time for some bad news – after decease, the character’s inventory will be empty. You can try to return to the place of death and, if there’s a corpse there (unfortunately, this does not always happen, hungry zombies and wild animals are always on the move!), take back your belongings. In doing so, you take risks, because the corpse may no longer be present, or your character may even die a second time.

In all these cases, well … resources are lost forever. But accepting the loss doesn’t mean to be desperate, sometimes it’s much easier to find new items, especially since the game has a lot of opportunities to do this! 🙂

How do I build my base?

In order to start building, collect some logs, go to the Build mode, that’s the icon below the mini-map. Start with making the floor, then build walls and put everything you need inside the house you’ve built.

My Survival Guide is missing

The Survival Guide disappears once you complete 60 levels or if the timer for 30 days runs out. You could see the countdown in the first tab of the Shop or next to the rewards list in your Inbox.

If its time has expired in your game, it is no longer available.

How can I upgrade floor and walls?

In order to upgrade the floor or walls, open Build mode (icon below the mini-map) and select the item you want to upgrade. A window will appear and it will show you what resources you need for the upgrade and there will be the button “upgrade”.

Where can I find aluminium?

You can get aluminium bars by smelting wires found in a bunker or where humanitarian aid was dropped, or from bauxite, which is farmed together with iron on red locations.

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Where can I find food and water?

For your character not to die of hunger and thirst, you have to watch their condition carefully in order to refill these stats in time. At first you can eat canned beans you find, obtain raw meat and berries. But when you make Campfire and Meat Dryer, you’ll be able to cook more nutritious dishes. You can get water by putting empty bottles into Rain Catcher or find it in boxes on locations.

What locations are meant by “dangerous” ones?

Each one of you has their own understanding of what is “dangerous”. So do the inhabitants of our post-apocalyptic world.

In general, the most dangerous locations are marked by the red sign.

If you are puzzled by the raider’s tasks asking you to complete some tasks in dangerous locations, you should head to Pine Woods or Limestone Spires.

When your are looking for rare items or tools, try searching red wood and stone locations, the Bunker Alfa, the Crooked Creek Farm, Floppy with Coordinates locations, etc.

How can I change my nickname?

If you want to change your name in the game, open the mirror at your base and tap the Edit icon next to the name you already have (PlayerXXXX) at the bottom of the screen.

Where do I get resources for crafting and building?

You get your first resources at the start of the game, on your territory. Then you should look for them in neighboring locations, aircraft wreckages, humanitarian goods, and then in bunkers. In order to get to the common map, go to the green zone surrounding your base.

I can’t place an object on the floor!

If you can’t place an object on the floor, make sure that this floor suits the object. Some of them require floor made of planks or stone.

And also don’t forget to check the maximum number of the object or structure that can be placed on the base, the limit can be seen during the placement of the object in construction mode, at the bottom of the screen. The same object is probably already exists at your base, so the game thinks that you don’t need another one at all 🙂

I can’t upgrade the door or the wall!

Before upgrading the door, you have to upgrade the adjoining floor. For a door made of planks you need floor made of planks too, the same applies to a stone door.

Who is the dealer and where can I find him?

The Dealer is an NPC that appears in the game from time to time in order to exchange items with a player. Usually when the Dealer is nearby, when opening the common map there is a notification about that. In order to receive such notifications one has to make a radio. However, don’t attack the Dealer, this won’t do any good.

How do I keep my character clean?

When the character gets dirty, it becomes easier to spot them and more difficult to play. In order to get clean again, you have to take a shower. You can build a shower on your base already at starting levels, the shower uses water as resource.

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Where do I find more water?

You can find water in bottles on your locations, in bunkers and in humanitarian aid. Of course, there’s not much water there, but if you keep empty bottles you’ll be able to fill them with water in Rain Catcher, its blueprint is available at starting levels.

What does the healer do?

The Healer is an NPC that sometimes comes to your base for half an hour in order to offer you some of his potions. The potions have different effects, for example they refill energy or double the experience earned.

I’ve added the materials, but my melting furnace still doesn’t work

Check if the amount of agents matches the recipe, whether there is enough fuel in the slot, and if the melting furnace is filled with ready bars.

How do I customize my character?

In order to customize your character you’ll need to craft a mirror and place it at your base. In the mirror menu you’ll be able to change the nickname and gender of your character, as well as to express your individuality by choosing the colour and style of the hair and changing the complexion and beard.
Remember that changes can be saved for coins, so think very well before getting a new haircut.

How do I make the campfire work?

Campfire needs to be powered with fuel. Make sure you have placed enough ingredients in the slot for materials and some logs or other kind of fuel in the lower slot.

Where do I get a chest?

Certain crafts like gunsmith bench require a chest. However, you will no longer be able to craft a chest, as there’s only a small box blueprint in the list of recipes. Craft a small box, place it on the ground, upgrade it to a chest and put it back to your inventory. After that you can either use it in some crafting recipe or take advantage of its increased capacity.

How do I apply new skills?

In the inventory menu below your nickname (slightly to the right) you will see a green star, tap it to get access to all available bonuses and skills of your character.

The skills panel has three tabs: active, passive and temporary.

You can choose two skills out of the active skills list and assign them to buttons at the lower left and the lower right corners of the screen. Don’t forget that some active skills have cooldown.

Passive skills will be working from the moment you unlock them. Temporary buffs can be obtained with the help of pets or as a reward for completing a quest.

How do I find out what’s inside my chest?

Chests have prints on their tops, showing what kinds of items are mainly stored inside.

How do I increase the capacity of chests at my base?

Recipes no longer include blueprints of chests and storages. Now you just place a small box for 15 slots and gradually upgrade it to the necessary size. Finally, after several upgrades you will have a 75-slot rack.

I can’t open energy drinks in my inbox

If you are seeing the grey button next to your energy drinks in the inbox, your current energy level has already reached its maximum. Once you run out of energy, you will always be able to replenish it from any location by opening one of the cans in your inbox.

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