Last Day on Earth: Chopper

My chopper is missing!

At some point, maybe even immediately after the construction of the chopper, you may find that your iron steed suddenly disappeared. No panic! You cannot lose the already built chopper, the bike will always return to the border of your base if you travel to other locations and leave bike somewhere, or it will return to the garage (if you also built this structure on your base).

How to refuel / to use my chopper?

Well, it seems that you got over the construction of your own chopper, congratulations! However, here are some helpful advices to all of our novice bikers:

To make a trip, the chopper must be refueled. You should approach the chopper from behind (and not from the side) and move the gas canisters from the character’s inventory to the empty slot on the chopper’s baggage menu.

How do I increase capacity of my chopper?

Pay a visit to Mechanic Jane at the gas station, she will help you pimp your ride: boost the gas tank and saddlebags, reduce fuel consumption or choose any other useful perks.

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Where can I get chopper fork and gas tank?

Fork, tank and other rare items can be found in the bunker, at the farm or in a box from the game store.

What to do in the garage?

Once you’ve crafted the garage and placed it at you base, you can get immersed in any bike-related activity you want: paint, fix, wash or customize your noble steed.

Painting the chopper requires patterns and paint spray cans, while for washing you will need only bottles of water.

If your bike was damaged, you can repair it with common items in the garage, or fix it on the go with repair kits.

Where can I ride my bike?

When riding the bike you can knock down alive enemies or run over dead ones. However, some locations such as farm or bunker can only be explored on foot.

How do I fix my bike?

If your motorcycle got damaged after hitting any kind of obstacle, it can be fixed in the garage at your home base with common spare parts. If there is no time to spare and you are far away from home, take advantage of the repair kits.

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  1. can I use my chopper without gasoline??

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