Last Day on Earth: Bunker Alpha

The bunker is a game zone with higher difficulty. In order to enter it, you need an access card and password. Inside you can encounter many obstacles in the form of zombies and traps. However, you can find weapons, equipment, rare parts and items there.

How do I find the bunker access card?

The bunker access card can be found while searching defeated enemies.

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How do I kill the Blind One?

The hard mode of the Alfa bunker is hiding a special mutated zombie type – The Blind One. It is not that easy to beat him but you will have a chance to get a special item. We recommend paying attention to his behavior and surroundings that will help you to develop your own tactics and take the boss down.

Why do I receive damage from cold even wearing fur clothes on the 4th floor?

Temperature in the cold rooms is so cold that not even fur clothing is warm enough to protect you from it. It is better not to linger in these areas for long!

How do I find the bunker password?

The bunker password updates every two days. It’s transmitted over the radio and you can also learn it by checking soldiers’ bodies, that can be found on game locations.

I type in the password, but it doesn’t work

Make sure that you are typing the password that is up-to-date for today and for the bunker you need.

The bunker door says that the device needs more power, why?

Bunker Alfa is a location that needs device resources. That’s why we limited access to it for devices that don’t meet the minimum system requirements. The game would just crash inside the bunker on such devices. But don’t worry. Maybe in one of the upcoming updates the bunker will be available to you in its full scope.

How do I enable the protocol and what will happen next?

By activating the security protocol, you will launch the hard mode where brand new and more powerful enemies are already waiting for you as well as the opportunity to obtain special reward. We highly advise you to prepare thoroughly for looting the bunker and avoid going there with pickaxes, shovels and devastators. In order to gain access to the new mode you will have to find the army specialist. Pay attention – if you activate a security protocol, you will not be able to get back to normal difficulty until the bunker is restarted!

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How do I get into the overseer room?

You can enter the overseer room with the aid of the army specialist, however, you have to find and free him from the depths of the bunker Alfa first.

How do I find the location using the coordinates provided via the floppy disk in the overseer room?

By leveling up the reputation with the specialist, you will receive weapons as well as floppy disks that will allow you to find locations with valuable loot. We would recommend hurrying up, since this location has a time limit and the countdown begins once you load the data from the floppy to the terminal!

What is the use of personal effects, military notebook and identification tags?

In order to earn the trust of the army specialist, you have to collect special items: personal effects, military notebook and identification tags. In his turn, the specialist will give you either floppies with coordinates, or new weapon.

Why didn’t I get minigun / chopper fork / gas tank?

The drop rate of these items isn’t 100%. It’s not that everyone will definitely find them. If you didn’t get the desired detail after opening the chest box for the first time – don’t give up, try once more!

I had an infected box on my home base. Why did it disappear?

As soon as you deliver the infected box to your home base, it is better to place it into the acid bath for cleansing. If left unattended on the ground for several hours, the box decomposes into a pile of scrap metal and its contents are no longer available.

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