Atlantis Odyssey: Energy, Gems and Coins

How can I get more energy?

One morning, an interesting bottle was found near the Camp’s shore, there was a parchment with ancient texts. Mi’ara helped us to decipher it, and this is what we were able to read there:

Energy can be obtained:
– by completing quests;
– in various treasures on locations (vases, shells, chests, etc.);
– as a reward in the daily chest;
– by completing Amanda’s orders;
– by ordering energy as a gift for tomorrow;
– by spending time in the game and getting it as a bonus from chests;
– by playing a mini-game “Pierre’s Sea Friends” and winning it as a prize.

We don’t yet know all the runes of the ancient alphabet, but we’re gaining knowledge and trying to decipher it till the end. Stay tuned!

How can I get more coins?

Who knows how much gold is hidden in Atlantis. Let’s find it out!

Here are some known methods of getting coins:

– Get them as a reward for completing quests
– Complete Franco’s orders
– Get them in a Daily Bonus when you start the game
– Complete Daily Tasks
– Choose coins as a Bonus for tomorrow
– Find them in hidden treasures, vases and chests in different locations
– Find them in abandoned houses and magical flowers in different locations
– Exchange collections with rare objects

We haven’t managed to solve all the mysteries of the ancient lands yet , so the list will be regularly updated

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Where to find gems?

Gems are very rare and precious jewels. They are hard to find but everything is possible in Atlantis!

– Obtain them as a reward for level up
– Get them for completing some quests
– Choose “Surprise” for Tomorrow’s Gift and have a chance to win them

The magic on the island is very unpredictable, so you may be lucky enough to find gems in the most unexpected places.

Gems confirmation message

In order to avoid accidental spending of gems, you can activate the Gems confirmation function. Tap the gear button on the top left -> Use gems confirmation. After that you’ll get a pop-up message every time you spend gems.

Some of my gems/coins are gone

Nothing goes missing in Atlantis because all the inhabitants of the island carefully monitor the order in it. Most likely, you accidentally spent coins or gems. In order to avoid accidental spending of gems, you can activate the Gems confirmation function in the game settings. If you are sure that you didn’t spend coins or emeralds, contact our Support Team, and we’ll definitely help you!

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