Atlantis Odyssey: Gameplay Questions

How to improve a factory?

To improve any factory means to add an additional production slot to it. To do this, select the building you need and tap the orange icon with tools next to the production slots. You will need resources to improve it. You have to improve the building twice to complete the mission.

I lost an object in the camp

Nothing goes missing in Atlantis because all the inhabitants of the island carefully monitor the order in it. Look carefully, perhaps what you’re looking for is hidden behind palm trees or buildings! If the search didn’t succeed, contact our Support Team and we’ll help you to find it!

I don’t see what is hidden behind the obstacles

To see what is hidden behind trees, rocks or buildings, tap the icon with crossed-out tree on the top left. All huge objects will be hidden. To return to the normal view, tap the icon with tree.

Where can I find Dynamite?

Dynamite is a very powerful tool, so you should use it with caution. You can get it for completing some quests or buy it for gems. One Dynamite can help to save up to 200 energy.

Where can I get and exchange collections?

Collections consist of rare items that you can find in treasures in islands (except your Home location). You can find your first collection in the Growling Grotto and exchange it with Pierre. If you have a collection that is complete, the icon with a star will light up over Pierre’s head. Then you can tap “Exchange” and get a reward. Pierre will be waiting for you in your home location near the camp.

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I’m constantly running out of resources

The game has elements of strategy, so it is very important to think ahead when spending both energy and resources. Contact our Support Team if you have any problems, and we’ll be happy to help you! 🙂

How do I know what object to cut down?

It’s easy: just tap and hold an object to see what you’re going to cut.

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  1. how do i move the sickels across the garden?

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