Atlantis Odyssey: Camp: Farm and Animals

What grows on my Garden Beds?

You can grow many useful crops in the Garden Beds such as Flax, Corn, Sweet Potatoes and Pineapples. All these crops are very valuable on the island, because gardening in the wild is not easy.

To grow something, click on the Garden Bed, then on the selected crop and drag it along the beds. Fertilizers can be used to speed up plant growth.

How to use Fertilizers?

Fertilizers help speed up the plants’ growth time, which allows to harvest them much faster. To use Fertilizers, choose the garden bed and drag the Fertilizer across the garden beds to grow plants instantly.

Windmill. How to feed my animals?

You need a Windmill to make feed for your animals. It’s already in the Camp, you just need to find and restore it.

To make a feed, collect the required ingredients and start producing it in the Mill.

Wait until it is ready and use it to feed your farm animals by dragging feed to the Cowshed, Hennery, and Sheepfold.

Cowshed. Cows and Milk

Moo’kalvas, also known as cows, are useful because they give milk. However, they must first be tamed and well fed. The first Moo’kalva can be found when passing The Bridge location. The Cowshed is already in the camp, but it’s slightly destroyed and needs to be restored.

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You can make Cow Feed in the Windmill from Water and Sweet Potatoes. As soon as the feed is ready, it’ll move to the Cowshed. Drag the feed to the Moo’kalva in the Cowshed, and you will get a bucket of milk.

Hennery. Сhickens and eggs

Chickens keep good company with cows. They also lay eggs, a very useful product that can be exchanged for energy from Amanda.

You’ll meet the first chicken when passing the Kata’el location. Then you’ll need to restore the Hennery, which is already in your camp near the Cowshed and Windmill.

Bird Feed can be made in the Windmill using Water and Corn. As soon as the feed is ready, it’ll move to the Hennery. Drag the feed to the chicken in the Hennery, and you will get a basket of eggs.

Sheepfold. Sheep and wool

These cute and fluffy creatures are useful because you can get soft Wool from them. You can tame the first sheep when passing the Kata’el Lake. The Sheepfold is already in the camp, but it is slightly destroyed and needs to be restored.

To collect Wool from a sheep, you must first feed it well with ground corn. You will need Сorn and Millstones to make a Sheep Feed. As soon as the feed is ready, it’ll move to the Sheepfold. Drag the feed to the sheep in the Sheepfold, and you will get Wool.

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