Atlantis Odyssey: How to get resources?


Grass is a simple but very valuable resource on the island. You can get and make basic necessities from grass, such as Water and Ropes.

Grass can be found in all open locations, because the trails of this mysterious world have long been overgrown and are waiting for their Explorer.


Wood is one of the main resources you’ll need in the game. Сut down trees to get it. Be attentive, trees in Atlantis may look completely different from ordinary ones.


At first it may seem that the stones are of no use. But that’s no true. Useful basic materials such as Crushed Stone and Millstones are made from stone. Also, stones can be useful for improving buildings and objects in the game.

Iron Ore

Iron ore can be found for the first time on the Foothills, after that it will be available in all new locations. It can be used to make Iron in the Foundry.


The building potential of Clay is truly limitless. Clay will first appear on the Kata’el Lake. Then you will find it on any expedition island. That is what Clay deposits look like:


These sparkling blue stones have magical powers, and they are not easy to find. However, Franco finds the sources of these crystals and changes them for useful resources. If you’re particularly lucky, in addition to coins and experience he can offer Crystals as a reward. You can also find deposits of these crystals on expeditions.

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Orichalcum Ore

Orichalcum ore can be found for the first time on the Plateau. You’ll need it to activate some ancient sites and monuments.

Co’balt Ore

Co’balt ore is a unique material that has amazing properties. You will first find it on the Kata’el Lake. It’ll be necessary for creating Soul Stems. Co’balt ore can also be found in the Daily Adventure.


Mushrooms can be found for the first time on the Isle of Giants. You can make a great Mushroom Soup that will help you to get 30 points of energy. You’ll need 10 Mushrooms, Campfire on the Isle and a minute of your time.

Mi’thril Ore

Mi’thril Ore can be found in the Daily Adventure. It’s used to produce Mi’thril in the Foundry.

Silver Ore

Silver Ore can be found in the Daily Adventure. It’s used to produce Silver in the Foundry.

Gold Ore

Gold Ore can be found in the Daily Adventure. It’s used to make Gold in the Foundry.

Malachite Ore

Malachite Ore deposits can be found on the Daily Island. It’s used to make Malachite in the Polishing Yard.


Marble can be obtained in the Daily Adventure by cutting out Marble deposits. It’s used to make Marble Blocks in the Polishing Yard.


Diamonds can be found in the Daily Adventure. They are used to make Diamond in the Polishing Yard.

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  1. Where else can I find Orichalcum ore? I haven’t found any other than what’s on the plateau and that gets mined out immediately

    1. They definitely don’t have enough resources!

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