How to improve a factory? To improve any factory means to add an additional production slot to it. To do this, select the building you need and tap the orange icon with tools next to the production slots. You will need resources to improve it. You have to improve theContinue Reading

The game is completely free, there’s everything you need for a comfortable game, whether it’s energy, resources, coins or gems. However, we always leave a choice to a player, and in order to speed up the gameplay, you can buy some items for real currency.Continue Reading

Kata’el Lake. Were do I find Clay? The Kata’el Lake is quite large and full of resources. Here you can find a lot of useful things, including Clay. If you have a problem and don’t know where to go, move the camera in different directions, and you’ll see that youContinue Reading

Tent. Water, Ropes Campfire. Corn Soup, Mashed Potatoes, Succade Where’s the Quarry? Where’s the Sawmill? Where’s the Foundry? Where’s the Smithy? Where’s the Pottery? Sawmill: Sawdust, Boards, Plywood Quarry: Crushed Stone, Millstones, Mortar Foundry: Iron, Orichalcum, Co’balt, Mi’thril, Silver, Gold Smithy: Nails, Tinplate, Pipes, Nuts Pottery: Bricks, Roof Tiles, Jug,Continue Reading

Grass Wood Stones Iron Ore Clay Crystals Orichalcum Ore Co’balt Ore Mushrooms Mi’thril Ore Silver Ore Gold Ore Malachite Ore Marble Diamonds Grass Grass is a simple but very valuable resource on the island. You can get and make basic necessities from grass, such as Water and Ropes. Grass canContinue Reading

What grows on my Garden Beds? You can grow many useful crops in the Garden Beds such as Flax, Corn, Sweet Potatoes and Pineapples. All these crops are very valuable on the island, because gardening in the wild is not easy. To grow something, click on the Garden Bed, thenContinue Reading

How can I get more energy? One morning, an interesting bottle was found near the Camp’s shore, there was a parchment with ancient texts. Mi’ara helped us to decipher it, and this is what we were able to read there: Energy can be obtained: – by completing quests; – inContinue Reading