My Free Farm 2: Selling Goods

Deliveries in My Free Farm 2

Just outside of your farm, you’ll see a notice board with a truck idling before it.

Click on it to manage deliveries. You’ll be shown a number of customer orders – usually in fairly small, manageable quantities. If you have the goods in stock, you can simply click the item and hit the big, green “Deliver” button to send out your truck. After completing the delivery (this takes a few minutes), the truck will return and you’ll be able to pick up your earnings by clicking on the Coin pin over the notice board.

If you would like to make more than one delivery at a time, you can rent an additional truck by clicking on the button with the car keys for anywhere from 6 to 72 hours.


From time to time, a wealthy merchant’s boat will lay anchor at the pier outside your farm.

The wholesaler will require a number of different products – sometimes he might demand especially large quantities or products that aren’t quite easy to come by. But if you manage to fill the order within the time limit, he’ll reward you with experience points or Coins. Best of all, you can even determine the ratio of experience points:Coins yourself!

Amy the Pilot

On special holidays, Amy the Pilot might drop by with her float plane to pick up certain goods. Like the wholesaler, you’ll only have a limited time to fill her orders, but she’ll pay handsomely if you do! Usually, her visits are accompanied by a special boost to the products she’s asking for – they might grow quicker or yield more.

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Selling Goods to your Friends

You can also stell your farm-fresh produce to your in-game friends; to do this, simply purchase a Marketplace in the first tab of your shop.

You can click on the market stall to sell goods (and leave a friendly message for visiting friends). Just click on a free slot to choose a product you would like to sell. You can determine how many you would like to sell, and how expensive you want your goods to be. Visiting friends will be able to view your market stall and buy what you have for sale.

In the tab with the shooting star, you can also let your friends know what you’re looking to buy and at what price. If your friends are looking for certain products, you’ll also be able to see what they want so that you can put that up for sale for them in the first tab!

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