At level 30, you’ll be able to build a bistro outside your farm, where you can serve your guests tasty meals made from your farm-fresh produce. Just click on the floating cutlery by the river: It costs 30 Diamonds to unlock the bistro. Once unlocked, you’ll find it to theContinue Reading

What are decorations good for? Not only are decorations a great way to make your farm prettier and give it a more personal touch, they are also very useful, because they give you tools. Tools are required for a lot of things around the farm – expansions, repairs, debris removalContinue Reading

Deliveries in My Free Farm 2 Just outside of your farm, you’ll see a notice board with a truck idling before it. Click on it to manage deliveries. You’ll be shown a number of customer orders – usually in fairly small, manageable quantities. If you have the goods in stock,Continue Reading

In My Free Farm 2 you can keep a variety of animals on your farm. To do that, you’ll need to get pens, which you can purchase in the first tab of the shop. Pens cost either Coins or Diamonds; as you level up and buy more, they’ll gradually costContinue Reading

When you first begin playing My Free Farm 2, your farm will only be a small rectangle. Over the course of the game you can expand it towards the forested areas though. To unlock an expansion, simply click on the glowy green arrows at the edge of the farm. EachContinue Reading

Guilds in the game My Free Farm 2 are a way to socialize with other players and take part in weekly competitions. You can also earn some goodies for yourself for your contributions to the guild.Continue Reading