My Free Farm 2: Lumberjack Cabin & Fishing Pond

The Lumberjack Cabin

Deep in the woods to the northeast of your farm, you’ll find the ramshackle ruins of a lumberjack cabin.

At level 15, you’ll be able to repair the cabin and use it to get logs for your farm, which can be processed into planks at the Saw Mill. Keep in mind that to repair the lumberjack cabin, you need to expand your farm in such a way that the hedge surrounds it:

Once repaired, you can start “productions” for logs. These require various tools. The logs can be cut into planks at the Saw Mill (which becomes available at level 23).

The Fishing Pond

If you follow the river flowing beside your farm up north, you’ll come across an abandoned fishing pond.

Like the lumberjack cabin, this can be whipped into shape once you’ve expanded your farm to include it once you reach level 38.

The fishing pond will supply with fresh fish that you can use to make delicious meals!

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