My Free Farm 2: Finding Friends

Farming is more fun when you have friends to help! You can find and add friends in the friendship menu:

By default, you’ll have one friend: Silvia. Silvia isn’t a real person, but she’s a friend you can visit and see what you can do with your farm later on.

Of course, you can add friends of your own. Simply click on the “Search” button on one of the free slots to start adding friends. If you already know other people playing the game, you can search for your friend’s name in the search bar at the top:

Simply click on the icon with the farmer to invite them to be your friend.

If you don’t know anyone playing the game, you can use the “Suggest Friends” button to get a list of other people looking for friends around your level.

Helping Friends

Moles can be a real nuisance! You can help your friends out by catching moles on your friends’ farms. Simply click on their portrait in the friendship menu to visit them!

Moles will pop-up all over the farm. When they’re above ground, you can click on the green pin with the exclamation mark to catch them.

Sometimes they can be a bit tricky to spot – it can help to swivel around your camera to look for them. Just right-click and hold, and move your mouse cursor to look around and zoom in/out.

Once you’re done helping, you can use the handy navigation bar to move on:

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The house button will take you home, the left and right arrows will move you through the list, and the button with the people will bring up your friendship menu.

For each friend you help, and each friend that helps you, you will get half a friendship heart.

The hearts will tell you about the status of your mutual visits:

  • Empty Heart = You haven’t helped your friend today, and they haven’t helped you.
  • Left Half Red = You have helped your friend, but they haven’t helped you.
  • Right Half Red = Your friend helped you, but you didn’t help them.
  • All Red = You helped each other.
  • Locked Heart = You just became friends and need to wait another day before you can help them.

Friendship Rewards

Helping friends is not only nice – it also gets you some sweet rewards. You can access the reward menu in the top right corner of the screen:

Every time you collect enough hearts to fill out one of the green circles, you’ll be able to flip a card to get a prize. The possible prizes are listed on the right side of the window.

If you’re happy with the prizes you’ve picked, you can click the “Redeem Rewards” button to collect your prize and reset the cards (generating new possible rewards). Any extra hearts you had will be lost.

You can get the most prizes by picking and redeeming a reward every time you hit four full hearts, but if you want to try for a specific prize, it might make sense to keep filling the bar.

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Selling Goods to your Friends

If you would like to sell products to your friends, you can purchase a Marketplace in the first tab of your shop.

You can click on the market stall to sell goods (and leave a friendly message for visiting friends). Just click on a free slot to choose a product you would like to sell. You can determine how many you would like to sell, and how expensive you want your goods to be. Visiting friends will be able to view your market stall and buy what you have for sale.

In the tab with the shooting star, you can also let your friends know what you’re looking to buy and at what price. If your friends are looking for certain products, you’ll also be able to see what they want so that you can put that up for sale for them in the first tab!

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