Employees in My Cafe: Recipes & Stories

How do I hire staff?

To hire new servers and baristas for your café, press the “Main menu” button.

Then the “Staff menu” button.

In the window that opens you’ll see your current employees, their level and skills.

You can hire new baristas and servers only if you have free slots for them.

To hire a new employee, tap the Hire button or the View Candidates button.

In the Candidates menu you can see the employees, some of their skills and the cost of hiring. Remember that baristas serve only the customers near bar counters, and servers at tables.

When you have selected the candidate you want to hire, tap “Hire for …”.

Done! Now you have a new employee in your coffee shop.

How to I fire staff?

To fire an employee, tap their icon in the Staff menu, and then the Fire button.

The list of staff available to hire is updated regularly.

Be careful, we can’t change your actions with personnel in game!

What is the difference between barista and a server?

Before hiring staff, you should keep in mind that there are two types of employees:

  • Baristas
  • Servers

The difference between them is that baristas only serve customers behind bar counters. Servers work with people sitting at the tables. They also can’t work with customers if they don’t have a service table.

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My employee doesn’t gain experience. What should I do?

Please remember that baristas only serve bar counters, but servers work only with clients behind tables. If one of your staff stopped gaining experience, you should first check your cafe’s interior. Perhaps you are lacking bar counters or tables needed for your employee. It is also worth mentioning that to work, servers need a service table and at least one barista preparing orders for the server.

You should also check if employee is assigned to phone orders. While fulfilling the phone orders staff don’t gain experience.

How to change uniform in the game?

To change the uniform on your staff, tap on any employee and pick “Let’s change your appearance”. After that you will be taken to a wardrobe, where you can pick and buy clothes for every employee. To buy clothes with certain style, you need to have a specific number of tips for that style.

Why can’t my staff complete phone orders?

Please remember that your employees can’t fully complete orders with spices. Only you personally can manage resources and that includes spices. So, if you have assigned your staff to a phone order and then came back to see that it’s still incomplete, please carefully check the contents of said order.

How to upgrade the employee’s skill?

Each employee has particular skills which can be of the following types:

  • Speed – makes an employee work faster.
  • Price – you can raise the price on a particular recipe.
  • Daily Bonus – the employee serves a particular spice once a day.
  • Daily Simple Gift – the employee gives you a Simple Gift every day.
  • Machine Operator – reduces the preparation time for every recipe made with a particular machine
  • Tip Master – the employee is a real charmer. Customers leave bigger tips.
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Skills can be upgraded after the employee got level up. Open the employee’s menu and tap “Upgrade for free”.

Also, skill can be upgraded for gems at any time (but the skill’s level should not be higher than the employee’s level).

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