Employees in My Cafe: Recipes & Stories

How do I hire staff?

To hire new servers and baristas for your café, press the “Main menu” button.

Then the “Staff menu” button.

When you open the window, you will be able to view the details of your current employees, including their skill levels. However, you can only hire additional baristas and servers if there are vacant positions available.

To hire a new employee, you can either tap the Hire button or click on the View Candidates button.


“The Candidates menu will display a list of potential employees, along with some of their skills and the associated hiring costs. It’s worth noting that baristas are responsible for serving customers near the bar counters, while servers are assigned to tables.

Once you have identified the candidate you wish to hire, simply select them and tap the “Hire for…” button.


Done! Now you have a new employee in your coffee shop.

How to I fire staff?

To fire an employee, tap their icon in the Staff menu, and then the Fire button.

The list of staff available to hire is updated regularly.

Be careful, we can’t change your actions with personnel in game!

What is the difference between barista and a server?

Before hiring staff, you should keep in mind that there are two types of employees:

  • Baristas
  • Servers
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The difference between them is that baristas only serve customers behind bar counters. Servers work with people sitting at the tables. They also can’t work with customers if they don’t have a service table.

My employee doesn’t gain experience. What should I do?

Please keep in mind that baristas are responsible for serving customers at the bar counters, while servers are responsible for serving customers at the tables. If you notice that one of your employees has stopped gaining experience, it’s a good idea to first check your cafe’s interior to ensure that you have sufficient bar counters or tables available for your employee to work with. It’s also worth noting that servers require a service table and at least one barista preparing orders in order to work effectively.

Additionally, if an employee has been assigned to fulfill phone orders, they will not gain any experience. Therefore, it’s important to check whether an employee is assigned to phone orders before assuming that they are not gaining experience due to other factors.

How to change uniform in the game?

If you wish to change the uniform of your staff, simply tap on any employee and select the “Let’s change your appearance” option. This will take you to a wardrobe where you can browse and purchase clothes for each employee. It’s worth noting that you will need a specific number of tips to buy clothes with a particular style.

Once you have entered the wardrobe, you can browse through the available clothing options and purchase them for your employees. Each employee can be given a unique outfit, and you can mix and match different styles to create a personalized look for your staff.

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Why can’t my staff complete phone orders?

It’s important to note that your employees are not able to fully complete orders that require spices. Only you, as the manager, have the authority to manage resources, which includes spices. If you have assigned your staff to fulfill a phone order and find that it remains incomplete, it’s essential to carefully review the contents of the order to determine if any spices are missing.

To avoid this issue, make sure to keep a close eye on your spice inventory and ensure that you have sufficient quantities of all required spices. Additionally, it’s important to communicate any changes in inventory or procedures with your staff to minimize any potential issues.

How to upgrade the employee’s skill?

Each employee possesses specific skills that fall into one of the following categories:

  • Speed – enables the employee to work faster.
  • Price – allows you to increase the price of a particular recipe.
  • Daily Bonus – the employee serves a specific spice once a day.
  • Daily Simple Gift – the employee provides you with a Simple Gift on a daily basis.
  • Machine Operator – reduces the preparation time for recipes made with a specific machine.
  • Tip Master – the employee has exceptional charisma, which results in customers leaving larger tips.

These skills can be upgraded once an employee has leveled up. To upgrade a skill, simply open the employee’s menu and select the “Upgrade for free” option.

Also, skill can be upgraded for gems at any time (but the skill’s level should not be higher than the employee’s level).

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