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How to create a township?

Townships in My Cafe: Recipes & Stories can be created only by players who have at least 1 VIP Level and 50 gems. To create a township, you need to follow these steps:

  • Tap on the map icon in the lower right corner of the screen
  • Press “Create” in the next window

  • Enter the name, choose your type of township, emblem, and press “Create”

After that, you will be shown a layout of your township. Enjoy!

How to leave a township?

In order to leave a township:

  • Enter your township.
  • Tap the Town Hall building.
  • Choose the “i” icon.

  • Tap the red “Leave township” button.

Be careful, you won’t get your resources back from the treasury. If you are the owner, your township is going to be disbanded and lost forever!

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How to remove a player from township?

Only township owners can remove members from townships. Follow these steps to do so:

  • Enter your township.
  • Tap the house of the member you want to kick out.
  • Choose the “i” icon.

  • Tap the “Remove” button.

  • Agree to kick the member out.

Be careful, the player is going to be excluded from your township!

A member of my township has deposited an abnormal amount of resources. What to do?

If you have spotted a township in My Cafe: Recipes & Stories member making an abnormally high deposit, or with unusually high level (32 and more), please contact our technical support and leave the name of township and that person’s nickname.

We will thoroughly check player’s gaming account and if any forbidden activity will be discovered, said account will be banned. Be careful, if you don’t report suspicious activity in time, your whole township might get banned!

Why doesn’t anyone accept me into township?

Township owners receive dozens of applications every day, including yours. In order to raise your chances, please try to contact them directly via social networks.

Nobody joins my township!

There are two main methods to invite other players to join your township.

  1. Place an advertisement about the township recruiting. You can do it at the social page of the game by the link:
  2. Visit the café of your friend and invite the player to your township tapping the special button.

Why am I constantly getting the same spices for my township orders?

Our characters can be quite persistent in giving out spices for their township orders, don’t be alarmed if they continue to do so for weeks or more. Eventually their rewards will change, but it can take an extensive amount of time.

Why do I receive township orders only from one/two characters?

If in your township you see orders from only one or two characters, it means that your level is rather low, and you haven’t opened all the others yet. Simply continue playing the game, and soon you will have more characters with township orders!

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Treasury and how to use it in My Cafe: Recipes & Stories

Treasury is a special building in the town, where people can contribute their resources for the further development of the township. All the township members and owner can contribute their resources to the treasury, but only township owner can use the treasury and spend contributed resources. The treasury resources can be spent on building new houses in the township where additional players can be accepted later. To contribute to the treasury, tap the treasury building in the township.

Then tap the right arrow (1) of the resource you would like to contribute and then green check (2) to confirm your contribution.

  • Gems and coins can be contributed to the treasury.
  • Also, it is possible to contribute spices (they will automatically be converted to gems).

How to develop the township?

Township owners can improve their townships by building new houses in it where additional players can be accepted. It is necessary for development to have a certain amount of resources in the treasury.

Tap the place with “For sale” title.

A window will pop up where the required amount of recourses is displayed. If it is already in your treasure tap “Buy” and house will be built.

In the opposite case building won’t be available till the moment the township fills up the missing resources.

How to make friends in the game?

At first add people who play My Cafe to your friend list at Facebook page and make sure that you linked your game to it in the settings –> Accounts. Then run the game and you will see these people as your friends in My Cafe.

How to rename the township/change the coat of arms/type of the township?

To do this, it is necessary to enter the township. Tap the City hall building, then tap the appeared “i” icon. In the opened “Our Township” menu tap the green icon to the right from the town’s name. You will get to the new “Change Township” menu.

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Enter a new town’s name in the input field (1). You can also change the coat of arms of the township by tapping the one of the possible variants (2). Or you can change the type of the township (3), tapping the green icon to the right from the current township’s type.

Then tap the “Change Township for 100 gems” (4).

Our congratulations with an updated township!

How to join the township!

To Join the town, it necessary to have at least 7th level.

Tap the Map icon it the right part of the screen.

Then tap “Join”.

The list with the existing townships and their citizens will be opened. Chose the one you liked (you can also use the advanced search).

If you sent the application to the town you need to wait for some time until the town leader will look through it. Town leader can accept, decline or ignore the application.

How to assign assistant (deputy) in the town?

If the town leader is going to stop playing but doesn’t want to leave the citizens without a leader, it is possible to assign an “Assistant”.

Assistant can do all the town leaders activities (manage the treasure trove, change the Township’s settings, invite residents to the township or kick them out, and accept or decline requests to join the township).

To assign the assistant the leader needs to:
1) Enter the township.
2) Tap the City hall building
3) Tap the “Assign role”

4) Chose the “Leader’s Assistant” and then tap “Assign role”

In addition:

  • The town will disappear if the town leader leaves it (no matter if there is a deputy in the town).
  • Town can have more than one assistant.
  • The assistant cannot assign another citizen to be assistant.
  • Assistant cannot exclude or remove from the post other assistants.
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