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Customers constantly ask for something new

Occasionally, customers will ask you about something brand new on the menu. In this case, buying equipment and figuring out the recipe is simply not enough, you need to serve it to the customer yourself. Therefore, you need to collect the ingredients and serve the right dish to anyone who requests it. Such requests don’t count as orders, and customers decide how to thank you themselves.


When you pass to a new level, customers start asking you for new recipes with equipment that unlocks at the level. Make sure that you have enough coins to buy the equipment before you pass to the new level.

I don’t get experience points for expanding my café

Cafe expansion is not classified as a purchase of furniture or decoration, so you won’t get experience points for it.

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The expansion is needed to make arrangement of the furniture in the cafe easier.

Why won’t Margaret/Carl buy my furniture?

Margaret buys your furniture once per day since level 5. After a certain story on level 16 Carl will start buying furniture instead.

If those characters don’t buy your furniture the specified number of times per day, it means that your storehouse is empty and you cannot sell anything.

Why won’t Fernando sell me gifts?

Fernando sells only one gift of each type (from Simple to Gold) in exchange for diamonds.

After that, you can get gifts for completing certain stories, buying them in the Store or receiving them from the treasure trove.

I am not getting new stories/experience on level 30. What to do?

It seems that we need to congratulate you for completing the game! The last story is currently available on level 30. But you still have things to improve, there is equipment and furniture that you might want to collect.

If you still have experience gap until the next level, don’t worry, this is intended by our game designer. In our game, stories are linked to levels, and we don’t want you to miss anything new when we will add new content. Please continue to serve customers and participate in festivals and contests, we will catch up to you soon!

My customers are sitting and eating too long

Our game is a coffee shop business simulator, and we tried to make it as close to reality as possible. If customers like your café, they enjoy their beverages, pastries, interior and conversations, and won’t leave in a hurry. With the development of the cafe recipes are becoming more complicated and guests are spending more time on them. Besides that, the primary income of your café is formed by completing special recipe orders. Don’t just wait until customers pay for their orders and come back again, offer them something special to increase your income.

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I have reached a new level and stories have disappeared from my task list! Why did it happen?

In our game stories are tied to levels. Once you reach a new level all previous stories will disappear, and you will start new ones.

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