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Why are the recipe ingredients hidden in the menu?

When you are just starting your coffee business, you don’t know a single recipe. That’s why you don’t see what ingredients are used.

Over time, you will learn recipes from your customers or simply look them up on our Facebook page.

However, while the recipe is not opened completely, all its components will stay hidden.

Why is the recipe not in the menu, even though I have the ingredients?

Simply knowing the recipe is not enough, you also need to know how to cook it.

In order to open the recipe in the menu you need to have all the ingredients and to prepare it manually.

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You can find all the recipes on our Facebook social page.

It is also possible to open the recipe for gems, but without components you can’t cook it.

All special recipes, presented in the “Special” tab are available from the start.

Why can’t my staff prepare special orders?

Only you personally can prepare recipes with spices.

Why is that? Because only you can decide, which of the visitors you will receive something special. Only you can decide what spices you are willing to spend now, and what should be saved for a special occasion.

You can treat only one person, or all of them. Perform only the first special order or the entire chain. Make sure to fully satisfy your visitors, and they will reward you with gifts and tickets.

Why does it take so long to prepare latte, cappuccino and hot chocolate?

Beverage preparation time depends on their complexity. This is an important part of balance of time and effort required to move to the next level.

Of course, all players have opportunity to use gems for faster cooking. Pace of the game is completely up to you and you are the only one who decides how to play.

How to complete a phone order (how to use the telephone)?

  • Buy a phone in the “Store” (“Equipment” tab). After the purchase, the phone will appear in your cafe.
  • Click on the phone icon on the screen.
  • Choose a suitable order for you, by clicking on the “Accept order” button.
  • Assign an employee who will perform the order (button “Assign” near the selected employee).
  • Once the order is assembled, the “Submit” button will become active. By clicking on it you will get a reward for the performance of a telephone order.
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Orders can also be done manually. To do this, complete a recipe and click on the phone. The dish will be automatically added to the order.


If you assigned all staff on the implementation of the order, no one except you will be able to serve visitors.

How to complete the order manually?

You can complete each order manually.

To make the recipe it is necessary to take each of the ingredients “in hand” (by tapping the machines that produce the correspondent ingredients one by one). As soon as all the ingredients appear at your hand you will see the name of the recipe you have already prepared.

Then tap the customer who ordered the recipe and say: “Here’s your order”.

Remember! Each recipe from the order should be given separately.

How to prepare a special recipe?

Preparing a special recipe is almost the same as preparing a simple recipe.

It is necessary to take each of the ingredients “in hand” (tap one by one each machine which produces the correspondent ingredient). Then tap at your spice box (in the left side of a screen)

and tap the spice you need for the recipe.

As soon as all the ingredients and spices appear at your hand you will see the name of the special recipe you have already prepared.

I don’t receive tickets for the special orders!

The customer can reward you with a ticket only if you complete ALL 4 special recipes of the SAME customer (the ticket will not be given for completing only 1 special recipe).

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The prize for the chain of special recipes tasks comes randomly. It can be either simple gift or the ticket. Good luck!

How to prepare a summer Raspberry Cake?

Here is the recipe of a summer raspberry cake.

Pick each of the ingredients to your hand and give the full recipe to the customer.

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