My Cafe: Recipes & Stories – Equipment and interior

How to move items to the storehouse and back to the cafe?

You can store items in the warehouse in game My Cafe: Recipes & Stories to make room for other decorations and furniture in the café. These items are stored in a secure location and can be easily viewed by clicking on the tab “Storehouse” in the game store. That way, you can safely store and re-use seasonal decorations or other furniture styles.

First, tap and hold the item that you want to put into storehouse. As soon as the item will be highlighted and the button bar will appear, you can place the item in storehouse by pressing the “box” button.

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To return item to your café, just select it in the storehouse and confirm that you want to put it in a certain place.

When returning the item from the storehouse, you will also see the “Rotate item” button.

How to move and rotate objects in the game?

You can rearrange items in the cafe, in order to do so:

  1. Tap and hold the object you want to move.
  2. As soon as the object becomes highlighted, you can freely drag and rotate it.
  3. Now simply drag item to any free zone in your cafe. Note, when the subject is highlighted in red, it can’t be placed at this location.
  4. To leave the object in its new position, simply touch the screen in any free place of your cafe.

Equipment upgrades and why are they needed?

Each device has up to three levels of improvement. When buying a piece of equipment, you can choose to get the device at level 3, or pick one that’s cheaper, and then gradually upgrade it. Yellow stars near equipment indicate its level. Fully upgraded devices don’t have stars near them.

Yes, a fully upgraded device is much more expensive. At the same time a cheaper piece of equipment can’t cook all the recipes that require this ingredient. There is an explanation for that.

Upgrades in My Cafe: Recipes & Stories can significantly reduce the first payment for the device and make it more accessible. Thus, you can prepare certain recipes even with incompletely improved device and make profit, rather than let down your visitors. At the same time all special recipes only require minimum level of equipment, so you can earn even more quickly.

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Immediate purchase of upgraded device allows you to use the ingredient without restrictions, But the price is a lot higher.

Equipment improvements, as well as immediate purchase of fully equipped devices, is difficult enough, but it’s not a coincidence – this mechanic is a real challenge for our players.

How to upgrade equipment?

Level of the equipment required for the preparation of the recipe can be seen on the menu. A recipe will be marked in gray until equipment reaches the required level. However, you can open the recipe for display even with minimum level of said equipment.

To improve the equipment after purchase you can simply ask Ann about it:

1. Find Ann and tap on her.

2. In the appeared window, click the “Upgrade device” button.

3. Select equipment that you want to improve and confirm the action.

Or, select equipment directly in your cafe, hold your finger on it and press the “Up” button in the menu that appears.

Now your device is improved by one level. To raise the level further you need to repeat the procedure.

It should be noted that increase of experience for the machine happens gradually. Cafe experience grows with every improvement in equipment.

How to sell furniture and equipment?

To sell an item you need to:

  • Move your item to the storehouse.
  • Speak with Margaret and offer her furniture for sale (1 item per day).

If you meet certain conditions, a new character will start buying your furniture 3 items a day on the 16th level.

Why are the equipment prices so high?

Current game prices are the result of robust work from our game designers. We don’t want our game to become boring and last 15 minutes at best. That’s why we are trying to create a positive challenge for players.

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How to expand the café? (there is not enough space in it)

How to expand the Café:

  1. Enter the “Shop”
  2. Tap the “Interior” inset.
  3. Buy the “Café expansion”

It seems that your café hasn’t expanded? Look at the expansion cost (if the price has risen – the café has expanded).

Why do I get only two special Items instead of three on special offer?

If you constantly get less than three items on your special offer tab, it means that you have a high level and already own most of the items in the game. The shop simply doesn’t have as much to offer to you. It is unlikely that you will be getting more items for coins, but don’t forget to check the store anyway.

Where have the topping (cinnamon, lemon, nuts) gone?

Attentively examine your wall (the one at the left part of the café which doesn’t have windows). Move all the furniture from the wall and search for the toppings shelf there.

Also, check out if your toppings are at the storehouse or in the shop.

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