My Cafe: Recipes & Stories – Visitors: Types of Customers

Regular Customers

These characters will visit your cafeteria frequently. They will not only ask you for delicious recipes, but they will tell you stories where you will have to help them by giving ideas or fulfilling their requests.

Special Guests

These beloved characters will visit your cafeteria on special occasions. Unlike regular customers, the special guests will be visiting your cafe for a limited time (usually 14 days). Unlike regular customers, the special guests come in a vehicle.

Special guests will be available to players at level 8+. They have a limited time for arrival, don’t wait too long to download the latest update. Check out the timer on the car so you can finish your orders and receive all the prizes before they leave. Vehicle orders are refreshed every 2 hours, but you can pay diamonds to refresh them manually if you want. You will receive a prize for each milestone you achieve in the first 30 orders.


They usually walk around the cafĂ©, but they will never buy something. They are not considered “customers”. If you touch them, you will see some funny phrases.

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