My Pizzeria: Beginner’s tutorial

My Pizzeria is a restaurant story game which provides you with an opportunity to open the restaurant of your dreams. This game is about a pizzeria and much more! This is an opportunity to live every day as the owner of your own restaurant and at the same time get to know the visitors who involve you in their eventful everyday life with exciting stories!

Your journey begins as you set off in a quiet town and open a trendy restaurant with your friend Gino and cute head waitress Mina. As you progress, more interesting content will become available for you. Welcome, and good luck with the development of your pizza business!

How to get energy?

Energy is a valuable game resource which is needed to serve customers. Energy is restored with time in the game. You may also refill energy by finding it in gifts or buying it in the bank any time.

Your maximum amount of energy is 15 in the beginning of the game. You will achieve one more energy to your maximum energy bar with every new comfort level.

How to get crystals?

Crystals are another useful and valuable game currency. Crystals are needed for:

  • Delivery and Daily orders refreshing,
  • Supplier’s offers refreshing,
  • getting necessary ingredients while they are reloading,
  • completing orders faster,
  • buying some interior, elite decorations and furniture,
  • purchasing certain items from the daily offers, such as spices, Parts Bundle,
  • equipment’s upgrading, energy and coins.

Crystals can be obtained from:

  • completing daily tasks;
  • gifts;
  • competition “Day of Delicacies”;
  • bought with real money in the daily offers.

How to get Coupons?

Coupons are a valuable game resource which is needed for customers’ orders refreshing and buying spices from the Supplier’s Offers. Coupons are also needed for opening slots in the fridge for more spices.

Coupons may be obtained from:

  • completing daily tasks;
  • delivery and VIP orders;
  • gifts;
  • watching ads.

Coupons also may be found in some unique bundles which are bought with real money.

Comfort Level

Comfort Level increases your maximum amount of energy and tips in the game. Each level gives +1 to maximum energy. Each item of furniture and decor gives you points which are required for the increasing of the comfort level. Elite items, which have a purple background, give more points after they were purchased and settled in the pizzeria.

Here you may see that to complete level 6 you need to obtain 1000 comfort points.

When you move such furniture or decorations to the storage, the points which they give stop being counted!

Essentials, furniture and decorations

Essentials, furniture and decorations may be found in the game Store.

Essentials include equipment which is necessary for completing orders. Equipment has 4 levels of improvement.

When players buy a piece of equipment, it has level 0. Players need hammers, bolts, screwdrivers and blueprints in order to improve their equipment after the second level.

These materials can be obtained after completing 3 daily tasks or from the Parts bundle which can be bought for 450 crystals from the Daily offers. In the first case materials drop randomly.

Furniture and decorations give points to the comfort level of a pizzeria when they are settled in it. Items with purple background bring more points.

You may see how many points you need to reach next comfort level in Decor section.


Orders can be:

  • fast orders blue color,
  • long orders yellow color,
  • special orders pink color.

Orders may be changed with the help of coupons. To change fast order you need 1 coupon, long order requires 2 coupons and special order requires 3 coupons.

There are also VIP orders and Delivery orders in the game.

VIP orders are orders which characters ask while you are passing the storyline. As a reward you receive coins, energy and coupons for them.

For completing delivery orders players acquire coins, xp and coupons.

Time interval between accepting delivery orders is 20 minutes. Or you can use crystals and then you don’t have to wait. 😉

Competition Day of Delicacies

Day of Delicacies is a weekly game competition, where players need to serve customers in their pizzerias and obtain likes from completing Special orders. The competition is held from Friday 09:00 utc to Monday 9:00 utc.

There are 5 leagues in total, and to move to a higher league you need to get in top 10 players.

Here are some facts regarding the competition:

  • it involves players from all levels almost equally;
  • high-level players have only a small advantage
  • most players will have a similar result because for all players the rate of incoming customers is the same and the probability of getting a pink order is similar.

Daily Tasks

Daily tasks include 5 tasks in them.

After completing 3 tasks players obtain 3 pieces of tools for equipment upgrading, and after completing 5 tasks players receive a red gift.

Red gift has fixed amount and types of items in it, which are:

  • 250 coins,
  • 5 coupons.
  • 3 crystals.

Three pieces of tools drop randomly. They may be:

  • hammers,
  • bolts,
  • screwdrivers,
  • blueprints.

Daily tasks have cool-down which is 10 hours 22 minutes or may be refreshed immediately with 50 crystals.

Daily Offers

Daily offers are located in the down right corner in the game. They include:

  • Spices;
  • Bundle with tools for equipment upgrade;
  • Bundles with coupons;
  • Crystals;
  • Coins;
  • Energy;

Items can be bought with in-game currency crystals or real money.

How to pass to new levels faster?

Here are a couple of tips that will help you pass to a new level:

  • make tasks from the business plan, they give a lot of experience;
  • you can change customers’ orders with the help of coupons;.
  • you can also set more tables to bring in new customers with new orders;
  • the delivery guy also brings good experience.

We hope these tips will help you get more fun from the game!

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