Forge of Empires

Set out to conquer the world in Forge of Empires. Keep a watchful eye because you are not the only one building an empire…

Forge of Empires is a free-to-play online strategy game which challenges you to build an empire from the ground up and conquer the world. You must construct buildings, upgrade structures and amass an army while taking on players from around the world.

Forge of Empires features a single-player campaign in which you can practice your skills and enjoy the life of a conqueror. If you manage to build a thriving city, you have the chance to take over the entire continent. And what does one need to pull that off? Resources. After you sign up an account for InnoGames’ MMORTS, you are asked to get the construction going on production sites. These are essential when it comes to economical growth, as you will be able to spend these materials or trade with other players online.

In order to stay up with technology, you will also have to commit blood, sweat and tears to research in Forge of Empires. Unlock some of the greatest achievements in the history of mankind and gain access to more advanced units, rare goods and new buildings. Upgrades like these will set you apart from the competition and make advancing to new eras much easier. Being the ruler of your very own empire, you have the opportunity to plan your city in Forge of Empires. Not only can you decide the layout and where to build structures, but you can design your own unique structures which will make your city stand out.

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In Forge of Empires, you will have to advance through different eras. Starting in the Stone Age, you will be able to move forward in these eras by completing new research and gathering resources to upgrade your structures. Every new era introduces a slew of new content, so be prepared to travel forth in time and learn a little bit about our planet’s history.

Naturally, you will have the chance to face off against your friends and players from around the world. Take to the battlefield and show your tactical expertise by defeating those players and securing your place at the top!

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