Dragons: Rise of Berk – MODs

MODs enhance your dinosaurs with special skills to help them in battle. There are many different types of MODs. Some MODs affect your dinosaurs by increasing their stats, such as HP or attack rating. Other MODs affect your opponent’s dinosaurs by lowering their stats, doing damage over time, or even stealing their MODs!

How do I use MODs?

Choose your MODs during the dinosaur selection stage of a Modded Battle. Once you select your dinosaurs, you can choose a MOD for them. If you want to swap out the current MOD for a different one, simply tap the MOD icon on top of your dinosaur to remove it, and then you can add another one. If you want a different dinosaur, simply tap the dino to remove it and its attached MOD will return to the roster. You can then reselect it, or choose a different one for your new dino.

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During battle, your MODs are used automatically! Some MODs are applied at the beginning of the battle, and other MODs are only applied after certain criteria are met, such as at the end of the player’s turn, or if your dino has 0 HP. There is nothing that you need to do in order to activate the MODs, don’t worry!

Where can I get more MODs?

You can acquire more MODs directly from the raptor paddock. Simply enter the paddock, and select a raptor at the bottom of the screen. Then, select the rarity of MODs you would like on the right. You will get to spin a prize wheel where you can win individual MODs of that rarity, or a card pack which contains a variety of the MODs! Each time you spin the wheel, the cost to spin will increase up to a maximum amount for the day. Each day the cost will then reset to its minimum setting.

Where can I view my MODs?

You can view your MODs in the MODs Manager. You can access the MODs Manager from the Raptor Paddock by selecting the MODs button at the bottom right, or by visiting the Creature Glossary! Within the Visitor Center, select the tab at the top to swap between your dinosaurs, MODs, and Badges for your Badge Beacon. Selecting the MODs tab, you will be able to view all available MODs. If there are some MODs that you do not own yet, you can find out where you can acquire them from within the raptor paddock!

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How can I find out what one of my MODs does?

If you’re unsure of what a particular MOD does, simply tap and hold the MOD’s icon to bring up an information window, or tap the information button when in the MODs Manager.

Can I swap my MODs once I enter the battle?

No, unlike your dinosaurs, you cannot swap MODs once a battle has begun. Please make sure that you have assigned your MODs to the desired dinosaurs before the battle begins.

I didn’t get the same number of MODs as I had boosters.

Once the raptor paddock is opened, everyone will receive 4 conversion packs for their boosters. Due to this, we cannot guarantee that everybody will get a direct 1:1 conversion of boosters to MODs. The MODs and their rarity that you receive in the packs will be determined based on the number and rarity of your Boosters.

I lost connection in a battle and now my MOD is gone!

Just like your dinosaurs, the MODs are considered in use as soon as the battle begins. For this reason, any interruption in the battle will cause the MOD to be consumed.

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