Invasion: Modern Empire – Q&A Regarding the Presidential Palace

Are the Unit Loss rules and garrison rules for the Presidential Palace the same as those for the normal Councils?

Most of the rules for the Presidential Palace are the same as those for the normal Councils. For example, the Unit Loss rules are the same (twice those in normal battlefields). But the garrison limit is doubled in the Presidential Palace compared with normal Councils and is quadrupled compared with normal battlefields. It is recommended to attack in a group.

Is there any protection period for the Presidential Palace after occupation? How about the term of office for the President?

Any Guild that holds the Presidential Palace for 12 hours can win control of it, and it will be closed and protected immediately following. The Guild Leader will become the new President, with a term of office of at least 1 month. The Guild members will only be able to gather resources in the Presidential Palace for the first 5 days after the occupation. After that, they still need to join Top Territory contentions for more resources. However, the benefits and the privileges brought by the President take effect during the entire term of office.

Is there anything special about the battles for the Presidential Palace?

Besides the garrison limit and the required occupation time, you will be able to use supreme Boosts in the contention, such as Overload: Total Attack that allows you to increase your Total Attack by 100%.

What privileges will the President have?

Government Officials may have chosen other Commander’s Bases and given them positive or negative titles. The President can set different titles to all Zones within the continent. Also, there are more surprises for you to discover! Come and figure them out!

How do I benefit from this contention?

If your Guild wins the battle, all Guild members will be rewarded with a Base Decoration that increases Total Attack by 2%. Your Guild Leader will be rewarded with an exclusive Base Decoration that increases Total Attack by 5%! Also, it is the first Decoration that displays dynamic effects on our battlefield. Even if you are not the ultimate President of the Presidential Palace, during your occupation, you will be able to decorate your Base with this coolest Decoration.

For those who are interested in this Decoration, welcome to the Presidential Palace! All participants including those who have just come to watch the contention will be able to enjoy special sales in the Presidential Palace.

(Note: Since the conclusion of the Battle for the Presidential Palace is not set, the occupation rewards for the Presidential Palace will be issued in 1-3 working days after it ends. Your patience is much appreciated.)

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