Dragons: Rise of Berk – General Game Information – Build your Park

Buildings, Decorations, and Roads Limit

You can have a maximum of 600 buildings and decorations (combined) in your park and 1500 roads. This has been reduced from 800 buildings and 3000 roads in an effort to improve the game for people who have run into optimisation issues such as loading and game slow-down. If you already reached the 800 building limit, you will need to sell the excess in order to place down new buildings or decorations.

Park levels

Levels are an indicator of your skill and experience while playing the game. The more missions you accomplish, the more your park will grow and help you progress towards your next level. For every level you achieve, you can increase the land area of your park by one additional expansion.


During the game, you will embark on action-packed missions that help grow your park and experience the story as it unfolds before you and your team. Simply tap on a Mission Icon featuring a character’s portrait on the left side of the screen to begin a mission. Also note that there are special missions given which must be completed in a set amount of time.

Collecting coins

As dinosaurs and buildings generate coins over time, you need to gather them so that your park can grow. Simply tap on a dinosaur or building to collect the coins generated thus far. Remember to visit your park frequently, as dinosaurs and buildings will only accumulate coins up to a certain limit!

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Card packs

Jurassic World™ The Game features a system of cards that give you various resources for your park operations such as coins, food, DNA, dinosaurs, dino bucks, etc. These cards come in card packs which you must acquire in order to grow your collection of dinosaurs. To help you with this, a free pack of cards called the ‘Mystery Pack’ will be made available to you every 6 hours. Simply tap the card pack market icon at the bottom left to automatically open your mystery pack.

Card Pack Market

All resources available in the game can be found in the Card Packs Market! You can purchase anything from food to VIP items in this market. Navigate the market by using the tabs at the top, similar to how you already navigate the dinosaur and building market. You can swap between special offers, card packs, VIP items, and resources. In the resources market, you can swap between food, coins, and dino bucks using the tabs at the bottom. In addition, you’ll get a free mystery pack when you access the market via the card packs icon!


Perhaps the most central point of the game is the ‘Market.’ This is where you can order more dinosaurs to be grown in the Hatchery (once you have acquired the proper card) or construct brand new buildings and decorations for your park. Tap on the ‘Market’ button located on the bottom-right corner to regularly check on your ever-expanding collection!

Resource Market

Important resources for the game (DNA, Food, Coins, and Bucks) are displayed in the display at the top of the screen. If you find your supplies running low, simply tap on the button corresponding to the resource that you need. The appropriate resource market will appear and you can choose the bundle you want. Some of the bundles are even free.

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Constructing Buildings and Decorations

You can place as many of the selected building or decoration as you like, provided you have the coins or dino bucks to pay for them. The game will try to place the objects as close as possible to each other, or wherever it can find a free spot for them. When you’ve built as many items as you’d like, simply hit the green check mark at the bottom right corner to confirm.


Decorations improve the rate of coins that get generated. Place them near any of your dinosaurs to optimize your profits!

Moving Objects in the Park

Press and hold on the dinosaur paddock, building, or decoration you wish to move in order to enter ‘Park Placement’ mode. In this mode, you can drag the object in question to the location of your choice and then tap on another object to move it to a new location as well. You can continue doing this as many times as you like in order to rearrange your park. When you’re all finished with moving items around, simply press the green check mark at the bottom right corner to confirm your changes!

Storing Objects

You can store any buildings or decorations on your park within the market. Tap and hold the object you’d like to store, then tap on the blue icon with the downward arrow. You can now place the item back on your park at any time.

Placing Roads

Tap the Road button to enter ‘Road Construction’ mode. Next, simply tap an empty space on the ground to add a piece of road. To remove a road, tap on the piece of road you wish to detach.

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Revenue Tower

Collecting coins in your park can be hard work! The Revenue Tower is here to help you with that by collecting all the coins from your dinosaurs and buildings in a specific radius. All you need to do is tap the Revenue Tower to collect ALL the coins within the specified range. Your first tower is unlocked at level 14 and additional Revenue Towers can be unlocked after reaching level 30, 46, 60, and 74. Make sure to place them in strategic locations to make the most out of them!

DNA Production Facility

It’s the building you’ve all been waiting for! You can now produce and collect DNA in this exclusive building when you subscribe to our VIP service. When the DNA icon appears above the building, tap the building to collect your DNA and reactivate the facility. DNA can only be collected once the timer reaches 0:00, unlike other buildings or dinosaurs which can be collected from at any time.

You can use Dino Bucks to upgrade the facility in order to produce even more DNA! Once you have collected enough DNA from the building, an upgrade button will become available. You can also use your Dino Bucks to speed up the upgrade process.

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