Dragons: Rise of Berk – Code 19

When one of your dinosaurs in Dragons: Rise of Berk gets agitated or distressed, you will need to calm down your dinosaur by performing the action on screen at the correct time. There are two different parts to Code 19; tapping the icon in the correct order and at the right time, and tapping at the correct time so that the moving slider is within the yellow zone. If you miss any of these prompts your dinosaur will become more agitated. Succeeding will calm them down, and you can win prizes at the end!

Make sure to keep the indicator at the top within the blue or green zone. If you get the indicator in the green zone you’ll win prizes!

If the indicator is still within the red zone at the end, your dinosaur will escape its habitat and you’ll need to send a rescue team after it!

I’m having trouble with the new Code 19 slider game!

The key to this game is precision and timing! You must follow the path correctly, but make sure you aren’t going to fast, or too slow. Similar to the tapping game, wait for the starting icon to turn blue, then tap and drag your finger across the pattern to the end point. Again, wait until the end point is blue, so make sure you keep up, but don’t go too fast!

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I tapped the screen but it counted as a miss!

Timing is critical in order to succeed at calming down your dinosaur. For the tapping game, make sure that the icon is blue before tapping. Tapping too early or too late will count as a miss. Also, make sure that you tap directly on the numbered hexagons, in the order that they appear. During the slider portion, make sure that the indicator bar is fully inside the yellow section. You must get the timing right the first time. If you wait for the indicator bar to come back around, this will count as a miss.

Here are some other suggestions to help you with your timing:

  • Make sure your device is able to run the game at optimal levels. We recommend having 1.5 GB of RAM and 2 GB of free memory
  • Close any unused or unnecessary apps from the background by opening up your device’s multi-task bar and swiping away any running apps to close them.
  • Try closing and reopening the game.

My dinosaur escaped, what now?

Don’t worry, your dinosaur isn’t gone forever, you’ll just need to send out a retrieval team to bring it back! Keep in mind that while your dinosaur is gone, it will not generate any coins, and it will not be available for battle.

Why are my dinosaurs unavailable for battle?

When you send out a rescue team for your escaped dinosaur, they will not be able to generate any coins, or participate in battle while they’re out retrieving your lost dinosaur. You can view the remaining time for the retrieval in your Events menu where your missions are located, and from there you can speed up the recovery with dino bucks if you’d like your dinosaur to come back right away.

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My dino has been rescued, but it’s still missing!

When your missing dinosaur comes back, you will still need to contain it, in order for it to start generating coins again and be ready for battle. Don’t worry though, your dino won’t run away again. This time you’ll only have the blue section and the green section.

Is there a level requirement to participate in Code 19?

Yes, you must be at least level 26 before a Code 19 will appear in your game.

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