Dragons: Rise of Berk – Your Dinosaurs

Cenozoic Species

Come and chill out in the Cenozoic Biodome where all new species from this cool climate await you! After creating your first cenozoic creature it will be automatically placed in the biodome located near the trade harbor! Tap on the biodome to visit your cenozoic creature up close. Here you can pet and feed it just like your other dinosaurs!

Hatching Dinosaurs

Each card of a particular prehistoric species contains complex genome data to be sequenced and inserted into a synthetic egg before a dinosaur can be successfully hatched. Cloning takes place in the Hatchery where the egg must be placed in one available incubator. You are then notified of the total time it will take to process.

Dinosaur Rarity

There are four levels of dinosaur rarity in your park: Common, Rare, Super Rare, and Legendary. In order to track and acquire the rarest dinosaurs, you must obtain specific card packs that contain the dinosaur rarity you are looking for.

Evolving your Dinosaurs

Enhancing and upgrading a dinosaur is paramount to winning battles in the arena. To do this, you must feed two members of the same species to Level 10. This will activate the ability to combine and evolve them in the Creation Lab to yield a higher and potentially more powerful dinosaur asset! This activation occurs every 10 levels of a dinosaur. Also, don’t forget that a mass quantity of DNA is required to facilitate this process.

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Dinosaur Feeding and Levels

The higher a dinosaur’s level is, the more coins it will generate. Feed your dinosaur until the gauge is full and they will increase in level. With enough levels, your young dinosaurs will become fully grown! Also, higher level dinosaurs will have a superior advantage over others in the Battle Arena.

Producing Food

Dinosaurs around your park are fed special dietary supplements. You can order them from the Food Production Facility. Food costs less if you activate the Food Production Facility for a short period of time. When you are away, you may want to activate it for longer periods of time in order to have a large supply of food when you return! When you reach a certain level, the Food Production can be upgraded to develop more food for your park.

Creature Glossary

The Creature Glossary, located at the Visitor Center, displays the total number of prehistoric animals you have created so far, organized by type. You can change which creatures are displayed using the filters at the bottom, and further sort them after by DNA cost, attack, rarity, etc by using the Creature Sorting button. If you have misplaced a dinosaur on your park, you can easily find them by selecting the dinosaur and then tapping the “Go To” button.


To create a Hybrid dinosaur:

  1. Have the dinosaurs listed in a Hybrid recipe at level 40
  2. Find one of the dinosaurs listed in your Park
  3. Tap on the paddock to view the dinosaur
  4. Select the Fuse button to the right of the dinosaur
  5. Select the Start Button to begin fusing the dinosaurs
  6. Select the Collect button when the fusing is completed
  7. Select the Place button to place the dinosaur in your park

Once the Hybrid dinosaur is placed in your park, it will become available in the Market to purchase with DNA.

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*Please note: Once you create the hybrid, your original two dinosaurs will no longer be in your park.

Aquatic Species

Discover a world of aquatic creatures living underwater in Jurassic World™! After you create your first aquatic creature, it will automatically be placed in the lagoon expansion located near the park gate. Tap on the lagoon to visit your aquatic creature up close. This will allow you to interact with it including feeding and petting, just like dinosaurs above ground.

Asset Repository

Running out of room on your park? Unlocked at level 30, you can clear up some space by placing some dinosaurs in the asset repository. Tap and hold the dinosaur you wish to move, and now instead of just the red X and green check mark, you will see a blue button with a downward facing arrow. Tap the blue button to place your dino in the repository. When you are ready to bring your dinosaurs out again, simply tap the repository building to open it, and then tap the blue button with the upward facing arrow.

You can have a maximum of 99 dinosaurs on your park at one time. If you would like to take a specific dinosaur out of the repository you will first need to place an existing dino into the repository first.

Note: Once placed in the Asset Repository, dinosaurs do not generate coins, cannot be fed, and petting mode is unavailable.

Dinosaur Limit

You can have a maximum of 99 dinosaur habitats on your park at any given time. If you hit the capacity, you will need to store some dinosaurs in your asset repository before you can place any new habitats on your park.

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Note: Clearing buildings, decorations, or roads will not affect this limit. The limit is specific to the dinosaur habitats.

Paddock Icons

Want to know what your dinosaurs are up to? You can see what your dinosaurs need by turning on paddock icons from the Gameplay menu in your Settings. An icon will appear about your dinosaur’s habitat at certain points, which will tell you if they’re hungry, ready to evolve, or ready to fuse into hybrids!

Feed: If you have a dinosaur which has not reached its maximum level to evolve, a blue up arrow will appear above the paddock, indicating that you should feed your dinosaur

Evolve: If your habitat contains two dinosaurs at the same maximum level of evolution (example: two dinos at level 10 or two at level 20) a green molecule icon will appear, indicating that your dinosaurs are ready to evolve to the next stage.

Fusion: If your habitat contains a level 40 dinosaur which is ready to fuse with another dinosaur to become a hybrid, a purple DNA icon will appear above the habitat. Note: the icon won’t appear until both dinosaurs of the hybrid are ready to fuse.

Photo Mode

It can be hard to find the perfect moment to take a photo of your creature, especially with the user interface in the way! By turning on Photo Mode in your Gameplay settings, you can get an unblocked view of your creature in their habitat by waiting a few seconds for the interface to fade out. Tapping the screen will bring back the interface so you can continue to feed and evolve your creatures.

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