MODs enhance your dinosaurs with special skills to help them in battle. There are many different types of MODs. Some MODs affect your dinosaurs by increasing their stats, such as HP or attack rating. Other MODs affect your opponent’s dinosaurs by lowering their stats, doing damage over time, or evenContinue Reading

When one of your dinosaurs in Dragons: Rise of Berk gets agitated or distressed, you will need to calm down your dinosaur by performing the action on screen at the correct time. There are two different parts to Code 19; tapping the icon in the correct order and at theContinue Reading

Cenozoic Species Hatching Dinosaurs Dinosaur Rarity Evolving your Dinosaurs Dinosaur Feeding and Levels Producing Food Creature Glossary Hybrids Aquatic Species Asset Repository Dinosaur Limit Paddock Icons Photo Mode Cenozoic Species Come and chill out in the Cenozoic Biodome where all new species from this cool climate await you! After creatingContinue Reading

The Arena Battle Actions Action Points Attack Multipliers Class Advantage Battle Stages Tournaments Tournament Rules Gyrosphere How do I choose my team in Gyrosphere Draft? Do the Gyrosphere prizes stack? Is there a cooldown for my team after each Gyrosphere battle? The Arena The Battle Arena is where players pitContinue Reading