Dragons: Rise of Berk – Battle mode

The Arena

The Battle Arena is where players pit their dinosaur in epic clashes with teams of up to 3 dinosaurs! Here you must strategically choose from commands such as Attack and Block in fierce turn-based combat. Your goal is to reduce your opponent’s Hit Points to 0. Take advantage of their weaknesses and discover effective strategies to win the match!

Battle Actions

During battles, you have a concise list of actions at your disposal: Attack, Defend, Swap, and Reserve. Attack and Defend allows your dinosaur to hit your opponent and block oncoming attacks. Swap allows you to switch your current dinosaur in the arena with another on your team at the beginning of every turn. Reserve is a special command that conserves your actions for later use. All of these actions require Action Points to be allocated to them before they can be used.

Action Points

You decide where to spend Actions Points in order to perform the various actions during battles. Each action consumes one point. In the first turn of battle, you start with one Action Point and gain one additional point each subsequent turn, up to a maximum of four points. Your opponent, however, has one bonus Action Point on their first turn to offset the disadvantage of going second. All points must be spent during your turn.

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Attack Multipliers

Attack multipliers significantly increase your chances of beating an opponent. The more attack points you invest the more damage you’ll do.

  • X1 = 1
  • X2 = 2.4
  • X3 = 4.2
  • X4 = 6.4
  • X5 = 9
  • X6 = 12
  • X7 = 15.4
  • X8 = 20

Class Advantage

Class advantage will give you a 50% damage boost against certain enemies and reduce their damage against you by 50%. In general, Carnivores are greater than Herbivores, Herbivores are greater than Pterosaurs, Pterosaurs are greater than Amphibians, and Amphibians are greater than Carnivores.

Aquatic Class Advantage:

Much like the relationship of classes for dinosaurs, certain classes of aquatic creatures have their own advantage over others. In general, Surface creatures are greater than Cave creatures, Cave creatures are greater than Reef creatures, and Reef creatures are greater than Surface creatures.

Cenozoic Class Advantage:

Similar to the Aquatic and Jurassic battles, Cenozoic creatures also have their own strengths and weaknesses. Savannah creatures are stronger against Cavern creatures, Cavern creatures are stronger against Snow creatures, and Snow creatures are stronger against Savannah creatures.

Battle Stages

As you defeat more opponents, you will unlock new stages of battle in the arena. Be careful as each Battle Stage features tougher and smarter opponents so make sure to upgrade and evolve your team of dinosaurs before you enter!


Think you’ve got what it takes to be a top player? Prove it in this season’s tournament where you’ll go up against other dinosaur teams to earn valuable prizes, including the grand prize. With every battle you win, your score increases, ranking you on a leaderboard of other global players in one of six different leagues: Hatchling (Top 100%), Prey (Top 50%), Survivor (Top 25%), Hunter (Top 10%), Predator (Top 5%), and Dominator (Top 1%). Plus, with every victory you earn, you get to spin a wheel of prizes that’s loaded with coins, cash, DNA, and card packs. There are even mystery prizes for you to win so win battles in the tournament to spin as often as you can.

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Tournament Rules

As an added challenge, some tournaments have specific rules that you need to follow in order to participate! These rules can be for a specific class of dinosaur (only herbivores, only carnivores, etc) or for specific rarities of dinosaurs (only common dinos, or only super rare dinos, etc).

Make sure to take note of any additional information provided to you in the Tournament menu so that you can prepare your best team for the tournament!


The Gyrosphere is a Draft battle, with 5 levels of battles. Fight to the end for the Top Prize, but be careful, your creatures don’t heal in between battles, and you must have at least one survivor in order to win.

How do I choose my team in Gyrosphere Draft?

You will be shown 5 different pre-set groups of creatures, both land and cenozoic. You must choose 1 creature from each group to form your roster. Choose wisely, because you won’t be able to change your selection later!

Do the Gyrosphere prizes stack?

No. There is one reward associated with each level. You will be awarded a specific card pack for the level of the draft you completed.

Is there a cooldown for my team after each Gyrosphere battle?

No! You can use the creatures in your roster as many times as you like for the duration of the Draft. However, your creatures do not heal in between each battle, so watch the other team closely, and decide whether your injured creature could use a break based on class advantage. Once your creature is knocked out, it’s out for the entire Draft

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