Cooking Diary: Pets

How do I add a new pet?

First you’ll need the right number of pet cards for the pet in order to add it.

You can get pet cards:
1) in packs from the pet store, which you can access through the Bank window or your Pet Room by tapping on Add;
2) from special offers.

How do I change a pet’s name?

You can change a pet’s name by following these steps:
1) go to the Character Settings window;
2) navigate to the Pet Room;
3) tap the Edit button next to the pet’s name.

My pet is sad. How do I cheer it up?

To make your pet happier:
– feed it with the Pet Food action.


– give it a bath using the Soap action.


– play with it using the Ball action.


Your pet will give you a gift as thanks.

You can get Pet Food, Soap, and Ball:
– In the Action window;
– as a reward from events and competitions;
– in pet card packs.

What different pet cards are there?

Pet cards are divided into:
– common blue cards;


– rare orange cards;


– exclusive purple cards.


You can find cards in packs. The number of cards of each color in a pack depends on its cost.

How do I level up my pet?

To level up your pet, collect its cards. When you level up your pet, you get a reward and get access to a wider assortment of outfits. For leveling up a rare or exclusive pet, you get more rewards.

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  1. When does the pet store unlock? I keep getting a message that it will be avail later.

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