The Tribez: Guide for beginners

The Tribez is a popular mobile game that has captured the hearts of millions of players around the world. In this game, you are the leader of a tribe of ancient people who are just starting to build their civilization. Your task is to help your tribe grow and prosper by building structures, cultivating crops, and exploring new territories. The game is designed to be easy to learn but challenging to master, making it a great option for both casual and serious gamers alike.

As a beginner in The Tribez, you may feel overwhelmed by the vast amount of content available in the game. However, with a bit of guidance and practice, you will soon be able to navigate the game with ease. In this guide, we will provide you with tips and tricks to help you get started and progress through the game smoothly.

From building and upgrading structures to managing resources and completing quests, there are many aspects to The Tribez that can be confusing at first. But with this guide, you will learn everything you need to know to become a successful tribal leader. Whether you are new to the game or have been playing for a while, this guide will provide you with valuable information and strategies to help you reach your goals.

So, are you ready to embark on a journey through time and help your tribe become a powerful and prosperous civilization? Let’s dive into the world of The Tribez and get started on your adventure!

Resources: How to get?


Jewels become available at level 27 after you construct the Flower Shop. To produce Jewels, you will need to build Faceting Shops on the Island of the Ancients, which have no limit.


You can acquire Paint from the Paint Factory, which is located in the third tab of the Store window. However, note that the Paint Factory is only available at higher levels of the game and after upgrading your main building to level 12. Alternatively, you can find Paint in the next-to-last tab of the Store window if you wish to obtain this rare resource immediately.


To collect Lumber, you must construct a Lumber Mill. You can find this building in the Store’s third tab of the upper menu.

There are multiple ways to obtain more wood in the game:

  1. Chop down trees on your island: This is the most basic method of obtaining wood. You can chop down trees by tapping on them, and then collect the wood by tapping on the stumps.
  2. Uproot stumps left after chopping down trees: After chopping down a tree, a stump is left behind. You can uproot the stump to collect additional wood.
  3. Build more Forester’s Huts to increase wood production: Forester’s Huts are buildings that produce wood over time. Building more Forester’s Huts can increase your wood production.
  4. Open chests that contain wood: You can sometimes find wood in chests that you acquire by completing quests or purchasing them from the store.
  5. Purchase wood from the Resources tab in the Store: If you are running low on wood and need it urgently, you can purchase it directly from the Resources tab in the Store.


To obtain coral, you need to construct a Coral Mine, which is located in the third tab of the Store window. Note that this building is only available at higher levels of the game, and you can only build it on Ancestor’s Atoll after completing its related quests. However, if you don’t want to wait, you can find coral in the last tab of the Store window.


You can obtain copper by building a Foundry, which is located in the third tab of the Store window. Please note that the Foundry is only available at higher levels of the game and can only be built on Murlod Island.

Marble and cut marble

There are two types of marble in the game: regular marble and cut marble. To obtain regular marble, you need to build a Marble Pit, while cut marble requires a Marble Processing Mill. You can find both of these buildings in the third tab of the Store window (tap the icon with a mallet in the lower part of the screen to open it). Note that the Marble Processing Mill is only available after completing the relevant quest on Mystery Shore Island.


You can obtain glass from the Laboratory, which can be found in the third tab of the Store window (tap the icon with a mallet in the lower part of the screen to open it). Please note that the Laboratory becomes available only after completing the corresponding quest on Murlod Island.

Stone and cut stone

There are two types of stone in the game: regular stone and cut stone. To obtain regular stone, you need to build a Quarry, while cut stone requires a Stone Processing Mill. You can find both of these buildings in the third tab of the Store window (tap the icon with a mallet in the lower part of the screen to open it).


You can obtain sand from the Sand Pit, which can be found in the third tab of the Store window (tap the icon with a mallet in the lower part of the screen to open it). Note that the Sand Pit becomes available only after completing the relevant quest on Mystery Shore Island and can be built only on the third island.


There are several ways to obtain amber: send Ancient Mammoth on expeditions, find it in amphoras on the Mystery Shore, manufacture it in the Amber Factory, which can be obtained during a special offer, complete quests to receive it as a reward and collect it from farmer’s chests when making a purchase in the game’s Bank.


Polunarium can only be produced by experienced chiefs with access to Piedmont Lands. Piedmont Lands is the only place where you can build a Polunarium Foundry after completing a set of related quests. To manufacture polunarium, you will need food, lumber, and coal.


Fabric is produced in the Spinnery, which can only be built on the Farmer’s Bay island. To produce fabric, you will need food and silk, which is available at the Silkworm farm. Alternatively, you can purchase fabric for gems from the Store at any time.


You can obtain starclay on various islands after reaching level 38. Construct a Starclay Factory to start obtaining starclay using food, sand, and cut marble.


Wool is a resource that can only be obtained on Farmer’s Bay once you reach level 48. To start producing wool, you need to construct a Sheep Farm and use food and milk to keep your sheep healthy and happy.


Coal can be produced in Coal Workshops, which are available on different islands in the game. To start producing coal, you need to reach level 60 and build a Coal Workshop. You can then use food and lumber to manufacture coal, which is a valuable resource for many buildings and constructions.

Moon graphite

Moon graphite is a rare resource that can be obtained from the Moon Press building on Ancestors’ Atoll, Murlod Island, and Alien Shore once you reach level 70. To start producing moon graphite, you need to use food, coal, and polunarium as raw materials.

Sun tiles

Sun tiles can be produced in the Sun Tree building, which becomes available on the Island of the Ancients once you reach level 13. To start producing sun tiles, you need to use wood, food, and lumber as raw materials. Additionally, you can obtain sun tiles from your friends’ villages or purchase them in the in-game store.

Lava glass

If you’re looking to obtain lava glass, you’ll need to construct the Lava well building, which can be found on Murlod island. However, this building only becomes available once you reach level 52 and complete the necessary set of quests. To start producing lava glass, you’ll need to gather corals and common glass. Alternatively, you can also acquire lava glass from your friends’ villages or purchase it from the store.

Frozen rainbow

As for obtaining frozen rainbow, you’ll need to construct the Alchemy lab building, which becomes accessible after reaching level 21 and completing the relevant quest line. The production of frozen rainbow requires the use of sun tiles and cut stones. With the right resources, you’ll be able to create frozen rainbow in no time!


The Tree of Dreaming is a crucial building for obtaining runestone, a valuable resource in the game. You can only construct the Tree of Dreaming on the Island of the Ancients after completing a specific set of quests, and reaching level 36. Once you have constructed the Tree of Dreaming, you can start producing runestone using stone and cut stone.

If you don’t have access to the Tree of Dreaming, don’t worry. You can also obtain runestone by visiting your friends’ villages or purchasing it from the store. Additionally, if you have gems to spare, you can obtain the Ancestral Altar, another building that produces runestone. Unlike the Tree of Dreaming, the Ancestral Altar is available on all islands except for Farmer’s Bay and Fisherman’s Cove. So, if you want to ensure a steady supply of runestone, consider constructing both the Tree of Dreaming and the Ancestral Altar.

Eternal Ice

To obtain Eternal Ice, you have several options available to you. Firstly, you can produce it in the Ice Factory, which becomes accessible at level 31. Another way to acquire it is by obtaining it from the Ice Hoof. You may also purchase packs of Eternal Ice from the store, or acquire it from chests or the Wishing Tree. Another option is to obtain it from the Spirit Wheel, but you’ll need to build the Ice Factory on the Marble Fjord first. Additionally, you can collect Eternal Ice from your neighbors or receive it as a gift.

Happiness, experience and villagers

New settlers are born when new buildings are constructed in your village. Your level of happiness corresponds to the number of inhabitants in your village, and it cannot be lower than that. To construct a new building, you first need to achieve a certain level of happiness that corresponds to the number of villagers that the structure will provide for your island. For instance, to build a new villa that will add three villagers to your population, your happiness level must be at least three levels higher than your current population.

Your experience level is universal across all of your islands, and it can only increase as you progress through the game. It serves as a measure of your overall game progress, and you can earn experience from all in-game activities. As you level up, you’ll unlock new opportunities, such as new buildings and quests.

On the other hand, the happiness level is unique to each island and can vary depending on your actions. It can both increase and decrease based on your choices. You can gain happiness points by constructing new decorations, social buildings, and entertainment venues for your villagers. When you increase your island’s happiness level, you’ll be able to construct more residential buildings and increase your population. However, note that the number of workers you can have cannot exceed your happiness level.

If you move a building to the Warehouse, you will lose the happiness points associated with it, as per the game rules.

To acquire new villagers, you need to construct residential houses, which can be found in the second tab of the Store (the icon with the mallet at the bottom of the screen).

Guest workers are temporary workers that you can hire for a specific job when you do not have enough regular workers. You can find them in the first and next-to-last tabs of the in-game Store. You can also summon them through the information window that appears when you launch a deal and there are not enough free hands in the village. Please note that guest workers will disappear once they have completed the job they were hired for. However, if you have hired them to clean your island of small stones, grass, or other obstacles, they will not leave until they have cleaned everything you have specified.

If you’re getting the “cannot reach” message because all your tribezmen are crowding in one spot, it may be due to an overgrown island as tribezmen prefer clean living areas. To resolve this issue, try the following:

  • Ensure there is at least one free piece of land around your main building. You can move it to another location using the scheme mode when all buildings are hidden.
  • Move existing buildings closer together by tapping on the construction, holding it for a while, and dragging it to a new location. Then, press the green check icon to complete the move.
  • Place your constructions in the Inventory by tapping and holding on the building, using the icon with a box, and confirming the activity.
  • Clear all bushes and trees from the area.

If you received workers as a VIP bonus and now they’re missing, it’s because guest workers are provided as a bonus, not regular workers. Guest workers are hired for a specific job when you don’t have enough regular workers, and they disappear once the job is completed.

If your workers are disappearing, it may be because your happiness level has decreased. Remember that the number of workers you have cannot exceed your happiness level. Build decorations and social buildings to boost your people’s happiness level and bring back your workers.

A wish is a request made by a villager when they’re not working. Fulfilling a wish (by tapping the indicator above the villager’s head) earns you gold and experience. If all buildings of that type on the island are engaged in a deal, a wish cannot be requested or fulfilled. If you’ve set all your buildings and decorations to be invisible, any tribezmen sitting on a bench will also be invisible.

If you have reached the maximum happiness level, which is currently set at 180 in the game, and you are unable to build a new residential house or complete a quest, you can consider demolishing one of the existing houses or putting it into storage to free up space.

It’s worth noting that the maximum happiness level may be increased in future updates to the game, so it’s a good idea to stay tuned for any announcements or updates that may come in the future.

Game mechanics

How can I restore Bushes, Cherry and Trees?

To restore the Pineapple Bushes, Cherry, and Mango Trees in The Tribez game, you need to access the Farmer’s Bay, which opens up over time when certain quests appear in the game. You can restore them using fertilizer and workers, or instantly using Gems.

How can I start fishing?

To start fishing in The Tribez game, you need to go to Fisherman’s Cove. First, you need to collect some bait, which you can get from various buildings or by clearing the island of trash. Once you have bait, find a fishing spot, such as the Fishing Bridge, and select a contract that suits you. You’ll see fish around the bridge, and you can catch them by tapping on them and sending them to the Larder.

Fisherman’s Cove Tortoise

In The Tribez game, the Fisherman’s Cove Tortoise transports resources from the islands where they are produced since Zeppelins don’t transport cargo to Fisherman’s Cove. If there aren’t enough required resources in the islands’ warehouses, the Tortoise will take equal amounts of these resources from different islands. To request a resource from the Tortoise, tap on it, select the resource and quantity you need, and hit the Deliver button. The Tortoise will take some time and gold to bring you the cargo.

Upgrade the Fisherman’s Cove Tortoise

To upgrade the Fisherman’s Cove Tortoise in The Tribez game, you can use coins and special items obtained from various activities in the game, such as the Wheel of Fortune. Upgrading the Tortoise will increase the amount of resources it can transport, making it easier to obtain the resources you need.

The Deserted Island

The first Athlantean island that players can visit is the Deserted Island, but it requires special items that can only be produced and used there. For example, the Movable Kitchen is a building that produces Athlantean food, which is essential for all actions on the Deserted Island. Regular food won’t work there, so players need to ensure they have enough Athlantean food before visiting.

Once players arrive on the Deserted Island, they should begin by clearing the territory of trash. This action rewards players with experience, food, gold, collection items, and Athlantean Tubes, a special resource that can only be found on Athlantean islands.

While exploring the islands of Athlantis, players can also discover treasures that provide useful resources and items for a certain price. However, the bulk of riches are found in Athlantean Chests, which require completion of several quests. The rewards for completing these quests are worthwhile, as players can receive Map Fragments, Athlantean Tubes, gold, and gems.

To complete these quests, players must obtain Gifts from the island’s inhabitants, which include the Beaver, Tiger, and Mammoth. The Beaver’s Gift can be acquired by completing the Orchestra collection, while the Tiger’s Gift can be obtained by restoring statues and assembling the Fish Feast collection. Finally, players can receive the Mammoth’s Gift by completing the Crane collection and rescuing the poor animal from the pit.

By completing quests on the Deserted Island, you can collect parts of collections that are exclusive to the island. However, there are also collections that are useful everywhere, such as the Sea Bounty and Treasure Map collections.

To complete the Sea Bounty collection, you’ll need to go on dives in the bathyscaphe. Completing this collection will increase your reserves of Athlantean food, which is required for actions on Athlantean islands.

The Treasure Map collection is unique to the islands of Athlantis, and its parts can only be found there. Once you assemble the complete collection, you’ll be able to travel to one of your other islands and discover a rare Athlantean Treasure there!

Athlantean Tubes are a valuable resource that can only be discovered on the islands of Athlantis. Use them to construct incredible Athlantean buildings on your regular islands, and enhance your gameplay experience.


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