The Deserted Island is the first Athlantean island that you’ll be able to visit. Just like other Athlantean islands, it requires special items that can be produced and used right there. For instance, the Movable Kitchen produces Athlantean food that is required for all actions on the Deserted Island. RegularContinue Reading

How do I swing my villagers? It’s rather easy to get your villager on the swing: 1) Tap on the chosen tribezman using a long tap lifting him into the air. 2) Drag the villager to the swing keeping him in the air until the arrow icon shows up. 3)Continue Reading

What is the difference between experience and happiness levels? The experience level is common for all your islands and it’s constant, you can only increase it. It is the measure of your general game progress. You gain experience from absolutelly all game activities and new levels always give you newContinue Reading

How do I earn Jewels? The resource becomes available on level 27 after you build the Flower Shop. Jewels are produced at Faceting Shops, which can be built on the Island of the Ancients without limit. How do I get paint? You can get paint from the Paint Factory, whichContinue Reading

Why do the requirements for happiness level always increase when I want to build a new house? New buildings give birth to more settlers. Your happiness level corresponds to the number of inhabitants in your village and cannot be lower than it. So to build something, first you need toContinue Reading