Cooking Diary: Store and customization

Why do I need to upgrade my restaurant’s devices and interior?

Using upgraded devices, you can:

  • cook more quickly;
  • increase the number of dishes you can cook;
  • increase the price of your dishes.

By upgrading your interior, you can:

  • increase tips.

Upgrading your restaurant’s devices and interior will make it easier to beat levels, which get more and more challenging every time.

How can I get more tips?

You can get more tips by upgrading certain items in your interior and by using members of your guild as assistants.

How does customer mood work?

A customer’s mood determines whether or not they will tip you. It also determines how long they will wait for their order.

How can I get more coins for completing levels?

You can get more coins by upgrading your dishes at the Store.
Each upgrade will increase the price of a dish.

Your customers’ patience level is very important. A customer with a high patience meter will leave a tip for fast service.
By upgrading your interior you can increase the tips your customers will leave.

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How can I upgrade my appliances, tools or interior more quickly?

Low-level appliances do not take very long to upgrade. However, every time you upgrade an appliance or tool’s level it will take longer to reach the next level. You can speed up the upgrade process using rubies.

How do I change my restaurant’s interior?

You can edit the interior of your restaurant to suit your taste, add decorations, and replace the wallpaper and flooring. To do this, select the third section in the Store.

Once you have selected a decoration you like, you can begin swapping things out.

Certain decorations (such as posters) are not deleted when you swap them out, but just moved to storage, from which you can always retrieve them to use again.

How do I change my character’s appearance?

To open the character settings window, tap on your avatar. The character settings window will become available as you progress through the story. In the character settings window, you can change your character’s face and clothing.

You can get new clothes:

– In the third, New Collection, tab
– In a Tasty Offer
– For completing guild quests.

In the second, Wardrobe, tab, you can try on the clothes you have.

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  1. how do i change my outfits on cooking diary it says “tab will available soon” ??

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