Cooking Diary: Friends

How do I add friends?

Connect to Facebook and restart the game. Your friends who play Cooking Diary will automatically be added to your in-game friends list.

How do I visit my friends’ restaurants?

You can visit friends from Facebook through the Friends section in the Diary. In your friends’ restaurants you can find gifts containing coins, rubies, and boosters.

How do I delete friends?

Remove a friend from your friends list on Facebook and restart the game. Your friend will automatically disappear from your in-game friends list.

What is the maximum number of friends in the game?

The maximum number of friends in the game is 200.

My friends keep disappearing. How do I get them back?

Try one of the following methods:

– check that your internet connection is stable;

– check that your Facebook profile is connected;

– restart your device to eliminate synchronization issues;

– open the settings window and disconnect your Facebook profile. Then restart your device, log in to the game, and reconnect your Facebook profile.

If none of these methods helped you resolve the issue, then contact our support team for help.

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Your request should:

– include your Support ID;

– describe the issue you’ve encountered.

We will do our best to help you as soon as possible!

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  1. Woke up this morning to find game at the very start and lost all my rubies and coins I just bought! Started at level 1 yikes I need help please!

  2. I also need friends desperately! My ID is 1azsd0

  3. I would like more friends too! My if is Ozofnz

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