Brutal Age: In-game FAQs

Which Outpost will send out troops by system default in Brutal Age?

The system will send out troops from the outpost with the least marching time.

Note: The linear distance of two Outposts may cross water, swamp, territory of other hordes’ color, so the shortest distance in map doesn’t mean least marching time.

What will happen when two players march to the same monster site at the same time?

1. Two players from different hordes march to the same monster at the same time, the player arrives first will be defender, the later one will be attacker. The defender will not get alarm from Watchtower or red flashing warning. When baitlle ends, the winner will continue gathering there.
So please have a double check whether there is already marching head to the monster before you send out march.

2. Two players from same horde march to the same monster at the same time, the player arrives first will start gather, the later one will automatically return.

Note: 1. Battle that happens when two players get crashed in gathering doesn’t belong to active PVP, it belongs to special battle. So if both players activate peace shield when they send out march to the monster, the peace shield will not break up even the battle happens;

2. It is possibile to encounter the gathering crash with the same horde players during the barbarian war, and players with “black horde” can attack each other except for clan members anytime.

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Dragonkin Clash

Let your Dragonkins fight against all kinds of powerful monsters! Defeat them to earn points, Secret Dragon Fruits, Dragon Crystals, and Dragon Coins!

  1. How to play Brutal Age: Tap the monster to attack. Abundant rewards can be obtained for each monster defeated.
  2. Death Combo: There are multiple bubbles that can be tapped; additional damage and Fury can be obtained if you perfectly tap every shiny bubbles.
  3. Fury is a special resource in this feature. It will be displayed on the avatar background. Fury can be collected from attacks, and Breath can be unlocked when Fury is filled. It deals damage 15 times within 1.5 seconds, and total damage equals the Dragonkin’s Attack *100.
  4. Raid is a feature that allows you to challenge monsters automatically in Dragonkin Clash. At the end of each day, your challenge progress will be recorded (unless you have used any Dragonkin Stimulant), including the total damage you have dealt to monsters and remaining Dragonkin Attack chances. The next time you use the Raid feature, you will automatically defeat all defeated monsters based on the record, and the challenge progress will proceed to the recorded.

Points can be obtained according to damage dealt to the monster. Rewards will be sent at 0:00 UTC every day based on your point ranking.

  • Attack Monster: Each 1000 damage = 1 point.
  • Overkill Monster: Each 1000 damage = 2 points

Fund Pack

1. Upgrade your Stronghold to the required level to claim the corresponding “Free Rewards” on the Funds interface.
2. Purchase Growth Funds to get 1500 Gems and be qualified to claim the corresponding “Funds Rewards” once requirements are met.

Battle Pass

  • Brutal Season is a cyclical event. When the event starts, you can get a Brutal Season Pass. By completing quests and purchasing packs, you can win Pass XP to increase your Pass Tier. The Pass starts from Tier-0. You can claim awesome rewards each time the Pass Tier reaches certain requirements until it reaches the max Tier.
  • You can also purchase corresponding packs to replace your Brutal Season Pass with a Brutal Season Elite Pass, so you can claim Elite Rewards.
  • Quests will be refreshed every day, and most of them can be completed more than once. But the XP you can get each day is fixed.
  • Your Pass will be reclaimed at the end of the event.
  • Purchasing Month Cards and Funds won’t be counted in the quest – Purchase Packs x Times.
  • The pass can’t be upgraded any more once it reaches Tier-999

What’s the function of the in-game icon ‘i’ and ‘?’

The icon ‘i’ or ‘?’ will appear in the top right of the building info page, event page(e.g. Monster Hunter), or functional page(e.g. rune page), tap it to check the detailed description of the building, event or function. Please make best use of it~

How to increase power quickly?

  1. Upgrade buildings to increase power. The highest level of each building is lvl 25 at present. Upgrade each level of any building, you will get corresponding power which states in the upgrade page(rewards), you can check before you tap upgrade. Also chief, you can check the function and the accurate buff of each level of the building by taping the ‘i’ icon in the top right of each building info page.
  2. Complete researches in Temple of Wisdom to increase power. The researches in Temple of Wisdom are divided into three parts: Battle, Development and Outpost. If you want to increase power quickly, please unlock the higher level troops in Battle first. Complete any research, you will get corresponding power at the same time.
  3. Recruit soldiers to increase power. The power gained from the recruitment is the quickest one in all mentioned ways above. After unlocking the higher level troops in Temple of Wisdom, you can train that kind of soliders in War Camp and increase power quickly.
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Note: Upgrade the War Camp to level 5 to unlock all training camps, upgrade the War Hut to increase training capacity. You need to meet the related requirements to unlock the specific research, please be more aware of the requirements and explore more pleasure in game.

Why are my soldiers not in the Healing Spring?

  1. The wounded soldiers will be sent to the Healing Spring as long as battles take place on the territory of your horde’s color and the Healing Spring is still not full. Once the Healing Spring is full, the wounded soldiers will directly defined as dead.
  2. Soldiers will be dead directly when battles take place without territory. Soldiers will be dead directly when battles take place in Totem and Temple, since there is no territory belongs to any player in totem or temply.

Note: The wounded soldiers being healed will not occupy hospital capacity.

How could I get attacked during the peace shield?

  1. Your Outpost will be protected after using the peace shield, however, the troops you send out gathering or reinforce clan members won’t be protected by the shield.
  2. During the Smilodon Event, Smilodon attacks will ignore the peace shield and will only deal a small amount of damage.
  3. Scouting, rally, attack action will make your peace shield invalid, teleport on a swamp land will break it, too.

Why do I still only have two construction queues after I used two Construction Masters?

You can have up to two construction queues at the most. If you use more than one Construction Master, then the time of second construction queue will be extended.

How to block or report a player?

Players can block or report in chatting room, tap the blank place behind a player’s name, then it will pop up three options: COPY, REPORT, BLOCK. Tap COPY, then you can copy the player’s words; tap REPORT, then this message will be reported to our mod system, and we will handle it asap; tap BLOCK, then you can block this player (won’t see his message anymore).

If you want to unblock a player in Brutal Age, you should tap your avatar–settings–message notifications–block management, then you can choose and unblock.

How to delete bookmark?

Please tap Agatha in bottom left in the area map, choose BOOKMARK, tap the red delete icon in right to delete.
Note: You can bookmark 100 coordinates at most, once reaches 100 limits, you cannot bookmark any other new cords any more. So please delete the unnecessary bookmark in time.

Does the speed of gathering differ from monster level?

Yes chief, the higher level of the monster, the quicker speed of gathering, so try to find the higher level of monster to hunt. But for some new player, it’s hard to defeat the higher monster. So please try to hunt the higher monster you can defeat to gather.

What about my stamina when troops sent out didn’t attack NPC?

If the troops you sent out didn’t hunt any monster, the stamina will automatically return to you once your troops back to your Outpost.

Why am I not rewarded for fulfilling reward requirements?

The requirements for score reward and rank reward states clearly in event page, please kindly read the corresponding rules before you take part in.

  1. Didn’t get the score reward: once the score reaches the corresponding point requirement, the system will automaticall release the event reward notice to you, you need to claim the reward mannually.
  2. Didn’t get the rank reward: the system will automatically release the corresponding event rank reward to your account based on the rank at the end of the event, you need to claim the reward amannually. Please kindly be noted that if you don’t meet the lowest point requirement for rank reward, the system will not release the rank reward to your account either.
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Note: The max system mail(war reports+notices+gathering reports+monster reports+ranked match) you can keep at one time is 300, and you can keep it for about one week. Once beyond 300 mails or 7 days, the system will automatically delete system mails. Please claim the reward in notices in time.

What’s the highest level in game?

The highest level of the in-game character is level 50;

The highest level of buildings is level 25.

How long it takes for stamina recovery?

Stamina will restore by 1 point for every 6 minutes.

What’s reward can I get after character’s level up?

You can get character EXP by upgrading buildings, completing researches, hunting and so on. Once EXP bar fulfilled, the character will level up, your power will increase. In addition, talent points and some reward resources will be given.

1. The rule of Friendly Teleport:

While you teleport to the territory of your horde’s color or territory that within three grids next to your horde’s territory, system will priorly use Friendly Teleport. If there is no Friendly Teleport in your bag, system will use Advanced Teleport then. If no Advanced Teleport either, system will notice that you need use 500 gems to complete teleport.

2. The rule of Advanced Teleport:

While you teleport to other horde’s territory or the wild land without three grids next to your horde’s territory, you have to use Advanced Teleport. You can use the Advanced Teleports to teleport to any selected coordinate(except water and mountain) in your server map.

3. The rule of Random Teleport:

Tap the outpost you want to teleport in map, then tap the blue icon in top right to use Random Teleport. Random Teleport will teleport the selected Outpost to a random location, but will not teleport to swamp.


  1. If you teleport your Outpost when an attack is coming, the battle will take place immediatedly at the original coordinate. When the battle ends, troops of the attack side will return from the new coordinate.
  2. You can’t teleport Outpost while there is march queue outside. When the reinforcement troops from your clan mates is on the way to your Outpost, you can’t teleport Outpost either. But you can teleport Outpost once the reinforcement arrive.

Why my outpost disappeared?

If the outpost is on fire, its durability will decease, and when it decreases to 0, your outpost will be destroyed. You can use gems to put out the fire.

  1. If you were attacked on your outpost and your defense failed, your outpost would be on fire for 30 minutes, each time defense failed, it will add 30 minutes burning time.
  2. During the Smilodon Event, Smilodon attacks will ignore the effect of the peace shield. And if you failed in the Smilodon Event, all your outpost would be on fire for 30 minutes, you can use gems to put out the fire.
  3. If you were hit by the war-chief’s Heavenly Fury skill, your outpost would lose 60000 durability immediately, and keep burning for 9 hours.

Note: The decrease speed of your outpost durability while it’s burning:

Normal land: 1 point each second
Swamp land: 5000 points each second

How to expand my territory?

The territory area is determined by your outpost level, the higher level your outpost is, the larger territory you will have. Here are the details for each level outpost’s territory.

  • lvl.1 outpost: 9 grids
  • lvl.2 outpost: 25 grids
  • lvl.3 outpost: 49 grids
  • lvl.4 outpost: 81 grids
  • lvl.5 outpost: 121 grids

If my Outpost burned out, will the reinforcement troops of others automatically return?

The reinforcement troops will not return automatically, it needs the reinforce players manually call back. Also the reinforced player can send the reinforcement troops back directly, there is no march though, the reinforcement troops will immediately show up in the reinforce players’ Outpost.

What’s territory gathering bonus? Will that longer gathering time?

Territory gathering bonus means that you can get extra resources when you gather in the territory of your horde’s color, it will not effect gathering time. Only the Gathering Boost will effect the gathering time.
Note: The gathering efficiency will correspondingly reduce while the horde members increase.

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