Brutal Age: General guide

What is Safe Resource?

  • Resources obtained from Resource Items and Main Quest Reward are Safe Resources.
  • Safe Resources can be used in the same ways as common resources: Building Upgrade, Technology Research, Soldier Training and Healing and other daily consumptions.
  • Safe Resources won’t take the protection capacity of the warehouse, and they won’t be consumed by soldiers, scouted or plundered by other players.

How to check Safe Resource?

  • Tap the five resources on the top to open resource interface, where you can check the resource details. If the resources can be plundered and consumed, they will be considered as “unprotected resources”. Please try to keep your unprotected resources to 0.
  • Tap the “?” button on the right of “Unprotected Resources” to check the details of Safe Resources, Warehouse Protection Capacity and Unprotected Resources.
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Can I transport Safe Resources to my Clan mates?

  • After upgrading the Help Wagon to Lv.20, players will be able to transport safe resources to Clan mates.
  • The transported Safe Resources can be received by Clan mates as common resources.

How to get resources?

  1. Resource production from your outpost land;
  2. Gather resources in the wild on the map;
  3. Quests in workshop;
  4. Golden Trees;
  5. Daily rewards;
  6. Squirrel-catching;
  7. PVP Looting;
  8. Clan relics;
  9. Resources transport from clanmates;
  10. Event score and ranking reward.

Why did my resource production stop?

  1. There is production ceiling. If your resource amount (including safe&unsafe resources) has exceeded the ceiling, then the production will stop.
  2. Besides, meat production will also stop when your upkeep consumption speed is over the production speed.
  3. If your outpost doesn’t have its own territory, such as your outpost locates in other player’s land, you won’t have resource production either.

Note: Each outpost has its production ceiling, upgrade the outpost level and build more outposts to increase the total ceiling.

Mana, as a special resource, its production speed and ceiling is a little different with other resources.

What is protected resources?

Upgrade the Warehouse to increase resource protection amount, Unsafe Resource stored in Warehouse are protected and cannot be plundered by enemies or consumed by soliders;

Unsafe Resource that beyond the resource protection amount of Warehouse will be consumed by soliders constantly. Whether the soldiers inside or outside the Outpost, they will keep consuming unprotected resources as long as they’re your soldiers.

Note: Mana will be under protection as long as the Warehouse upgraded to lvl 25. Also you can complete Resource Protection(in Development part) inTemple of Wisdom to increase the Protection Capacity of Mana.

Will my soldiers die if there is no meat in Outpost? Will my wounded soliders consume resources?

The soldiers will not die even there is no meat in Outpost. Also it will not affect troops march. The hospitalized soliders will not consume resources.

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Why the time of ongoing upgrading or training doesn’t decrease after I reset rune and talent?

The change of rune or talent will not take effect on the ongoing training, research or building. If you want to enjoy it’s boost, you need to change rune or talent before you train, research or build.

Note: This rule applies to the boost given by Sacred Fire as well, but gathering boosts will take effect immediately after the rune or talent change.

What’s the condition to unlock the Rune Slot?

The Rune Slot will unlock according to your character level(lvl 10, 12, 15, 20, 25, 35). Upgrade character level to 15, you can unlock the main Rune and Rune Words. You can see the Rune page as long as you upgrade player level to 35 or more.

Inlay Limit: Players can only inlay one Rune of each color.

How to activate Rune Words?

The main Rune in the middle slot determines the attributes and requirements for the Rune Words. Collect all subsidiary runes for the Rune Words required to activate bonuses.

The level of Rune Words is determined by the Rune of the lowest level amongst all required Runes.

How to fuse Runes?

You must insert 3 Runes of the same type to fuse.

If you succeed in fusing Rune, the Rune with the highest level in 3 Runes will gain 1 level upgrade.

If you fail in fusing Rune, the Rune won’t get upgraded, and evne may suffer 1 level decrease.

How to unlock and apply Talent page?

Upgrade the character to level 30 to unlock Talent Page function.

It will cost 200 gems to apply another Talent Page each time.

It will cost 1000 gems(or Talent Reset item directly) to reset all learnt talents and retrieves talent points.

What is Server Migration?

You can use Server Migration to migrate to another server before your Stronghold reaches Lv6.

Note: You will be in Black Horde after migration, no matter what Horde you’re in before.

How to use Server Migration?

Tap ‘USE’ in MY ITEMS, it will change into Server Mirgration page, the server list arranged from big to small. Also system will automatically hide servers that opened less than three days, servers you already created character and the server your current character is on. Choose the server you want to migrate to, tap CONFIRM to complete migration. Relogin the game to get into the new server.

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Why my Server Migration disappeared after I tapped to USE it?

1. System will automatically reclaim Server Migration once your Stronghold reaches level 6.

2. Server Migration will expire when the server has launched for more than 2 months.

Note: You can check the notice’Welcome to Brutal Age’ and tap Server Migration item to check more details.

What requirements should I meet to use Server Migration to migrate successfully?

Stronghold less than level 5;

Don’t join any clan at present;

There is no march outside Outpost at present;

There is no reinforcement troops in your Outpost at present;

There is no character created by the same Facebook account you used with the character you want to migrate in the target server;

The target server has to be lauched for more than three days;

If the server you’re in now is a new server, you can’t migrate to another server within 7 days it launched. As for the accurate migrate time, please stay close to game for sure.

Horde Order Description

The Horde Leader can issue Horde Orders.

Once issued, they are permanently effective and won’t go expired along with the changes of Horde Leaders.

Once a Horde Order issued, only the Horde Leader can change it.

Horde Orders only take effect on Horde members.

Current available Horde Orders:

1. Chief’s Orders:

The Horde Leader can edit an Order.

2. Lonely Warrior Challenge Required Half-reduced Stamina

The Horde Leader can select an hour. Each day during that hour, the Lonely Warrior Challenge’s required Stamina will be reduced by half for all members in the Horde.

3. Chief’s Wanted

The Horde Leader can select a player on the server as the Wanted Target. Total rewards and rewards for injured or killed soldiers can be set.

Once the Order expires, the rewards which haven’t been sent will be returned via mail.

All members in the Horde except the Horde Chief can get rewards automatically once they attack the Wanted Target and inflict losses, but the Elite Challenge is not included.

Rally attacks will be settled according to the Power of the troops each player sends.A

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