Brutal Age: Dragon function guide

How do I level up Dragonkins in Brutal Age?

1. You can use Free Feed, Secret Fruit Feed, or Gem Feed to level up Dragonkins. Each feeding has a chance to be enjoyed 2 times, 5 times or 10 times Crit EXP bonuses! And each 10th feeding per day will enjoy a guranteed 10 times Crit EXP bonuses!

2. Free Feed chances can be obtained every day after logging into the game.

3. The cost for Gem Feed will grow as long as you use Diamond Feed but will be reset the next day.

4. Level up Dragonkins to increase their Attack and unlock more skills.

How do I upgrade Dragonkin star levels?

1. Collect Dragonkin Shards in Brutal Age to upgrade their star levels.

2. Increasing Dragonkin star levels will increase their Attack and upgrade their skills. Each skill upgrade will provide an additional effect for the skill. And Dragonkins can enter their ultimate stage once they reached the required stars and cool appearances can also be unlocked.

How do I level up Dragonkin skills?

Dragon Crystals can be used on the Dragonkin skill interface to level up their skills so to enjoy more bonuses or deal more damage.

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What are the types of Dragonkins’ skills?

1. There are four types of skills: Battle Skills, Active Skills, Aura Skills, Legion Skills.

2. Battle Skill: Use battle skills to kill enemies or protect your troops. You can also increase Dragonkin Attack or level up skills to make them perform better. Also, the more powerful your troops are, the stronger the skills can be. You can send your Dragonkins along with your troops to put Battle Skills into effect.

3. Active Skill: Once unlocked, you can activate an active skill any time you want. Active Skills have CD. You can increase Dragonkins’ star levels, or level up skills to reduce the CD.

4. Aura Skill: An Aura Skill can be permanently in effect once unlocked. The effects of multiple Aura Skills can be stacked.

5. Legion Skill in Brutal Age: Dragonkins can apply powerful buffs to your troops in battles or inflict debuffs on enemy troops with Legion Skills. You can send your Dragonkins along with your troops to put Legion Skills into effect.

How do I unlock Dragonkin?

1. The first Dragonkin, Ragehorn, can be unlocked when hatched. You can check it on the floating island on the right bottom corner of your city.

2. The other Dragonkins can be unlocked with shards. Once you have collected the required number of shards, corresponding Dragonkins can be unlocked.

What is the Dragonkin’s Attack?

It’s an important attribute for a Dragonkin. A higher Attack can aid better in battles.

What is the Dragonkin’s Power?

A Dragonkin’s Power is a comprehensive assessment for their battle abilities. You can increase Attack, upgrade star level and level up skills to increase your Dragonkin’s Power.

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