Brutal Age: Horde & Clan questions

How to create, join or quit a clan?

After your stronghold reaches lvl.5, you can tap the right-down corner of your screen to enter the clan selection page. Search clan name or choose a clan to join/apply for it, you can also create a clan by yourself.

If you want quit your clan, you can tap your clan flag on the right-down corner, then choose “manage”–“quit clan”.

What’s the difference of clan rank? And what’s the meaning of the dot in clan member list?

Clan leader can use clan rank to manage the clan, higher rank members have more privilege and they can manage the lower rank members.

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R4 (Rank 4) and R5 members can edit the clan statement, approvel the clan application, check clan members’ online status.

R5 member (the clan leader) can edit the clan message, use Change Clan’s Horde item, transfer the leadership and disband the clan.

The dot in front of each clan member’s name in clan list represent the clan member’s online status:

Light green: online

Green: offline less than 1 day

Yellow: offline less than 3 days

Red: offline less than 7 days

Gray: offline more than 7 days

Only R4 and R5 members can see the light green dot in clan list.

Our clan leader is offline for a long time, how can we transfer the clan leadership to other member?

Please don’t worry, when clan leader is offline more than 7 days, the leadership will be transferred to an active clan member with the highest rank level, If the guild level are identical, it will depend on the highest power.

If there is no other active player in clan, the transfer will not succeed. The clan leader will turn into R1, which equals to leadership transfer. After that, all members in the clan will receive a notification.

What’s the use of clan coins? Will quit clan clear my clan coins?

You can use clan coins to purchase items in Clan Store. The clan coins will not get zeroed when you quit clan, change to another clan or change to another horde.

You will get 100 coins while you help one clan member, and you can get 10000 coin at most in a day from Clan Help.

How does Clan Help settle in decreasing building upgrade time?

For each Clan Help, 1% remaining time will be decreased. A single help will decrease no less than 1 minute.

What’s the Horde Skill of each horde?

You can tap HORDE in PROFILE page to get into HORDE page, slide to check the detailed basic introduction and skill of each hore there.

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Blue Horde:
Healing Cost -20%
Research Time -5%

Green Horde:
Construction Time -5%
Regularly collect the resources rewarded by nature, CD: 4 hours.

Orange Horde:
Reduce target’s defense by 5%, CD: 12 hours.
Training Cost -8%

Red Horde:
Set fire to enemy’s territory, CD: 12 hours
Training Time -3%

Purple Horde:
Summon Shield to protect Clan mates, CD: 12 hours
Clan Help Effect +30%

Black Horde:
No Horde skills

How to change Horde?

Please tap Avatar–HORDE, then choose the horde you want to change.

You can use gems or Change Horde item to change to another horde.

Note: 1. Once you join a horde you have to wait for at least 14 days to change it(Note: once you quit your current horde you will also quit your current clan);

2. The newly created character will see the ‘CHANGE’ icon and the remianing CD time 7 days after it created;

3. If the Clan Leader choose to change horde, it will make the whole clan change to that horde together, it will cost 50000 gems to get the special horde change item. The process can be done successfully only when all clan members are not under CD time. If the Clan Leader want to change to another horde himself, he can transfer his leadership to another member first;

4. The War Chief can’t change to another horde at any time, and players can’t change horde during Temple War.

How can I get the item for changing my Horde?

1. You can get a free Change Horde item when your character reaches Lv.10.

2. You can use 2,000,000 Clan Coins to get one Change Horde item in clan store.

Note: There is no channel to purchase the special horde change item for horde in game. If the Clan Leader wants to change horde with all clan members, please tap the ‘CHANGE’ in the Horde page he wants to change to, the system will popup notice ask for purchasing special horde change item, which will cost 50000 gems directly.

Why can’t I join the most powerful Horde? It says the Horde is full.

Servers launched within 7 days: The system will rank Hordes based on population. The Horde with the largest population will be in “Full” state and unable to accept any membership application.

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Servers launched for more than 7 days: Rank Hordes based on the total Power of top 100 players in each Horde-unit. The Horde with the highest total top 100 Power will be in “”Full”” state and unable to accept any membership application.

Note: If a server has been launched for more than 120 days, then the system will cancel the “Full” state limit, so players can participate in any Horde.

Can you tell me about the Black Horde?

1. Black Horde is not actually a real horde, it’s the specal group that builded up with players quit from any other colored Horde. So there is no leader, no elites or no members can use Horde skills in Black Horde.

2. Strictly speaking, since Black Horde is not a real horde, so there is no CD remianing time you change to any other colored Horde in the first time.

3. Members in Black Horde can initiate attack to any player except their clan mates at any time.

When will the Horde Elites open to new servers?

Players can not challenge the horde elite in the first 3 days after the server launched, players can challenge 3 days later.

Why I can’t launch challenge?

You need to meet the following conditions to launch challenge:

1. The challenger must be amoung the top 100 Power Ranking in the Horde;

2. The defender must have a equal or higher elite tittle than the challenger.

What’s the challenge battle rules?

When a Challenge is launched, then the challenger’s marching troops will attack the target. And the target’s defense troops will be sent from the outpost according to the defense formation. Soldiers of the highest tier will be selected first. Players may suffer loss after the battle, but the loss is lower than common battles.

Players have a one hour protection period after the title change. During the period, nobody can launch a Challenge.

Players must wait at least two hours after the last challenge.

How to set the defense formation of Horde Elites?

You can set the defense formation in ELITE LIST page after you become Horde Elite, the formation will take effect when other players challenge you. Soldiers of the highest tier will be selected first in defense march. If there is no enough soldier of one of the highest tier, soldiers of other tier at the same level will be sent out in priority.

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