Brutal Age: Elite Ranked Match

Elite Ranked Match in Brutal Age is a competition for chiefs across all servers. Compared with the common Ranked Match, you shall face more powerful enemies and be held to more honorable rules.


Each Elite Ranked Match will last for 7 days. Players can get abundant rewards according to their daily rankings. When the Elite Ranked Match is over, a final settlement will decide the final ranking. A great amount of rewards will be sent, including Optional War Pattern Chests.

Ban List

A Ban List will be added to Elite Ranked Match. In each Elite Ranked Match, four Partners will be added to the Ban List automatically by the system. Players cannot use Partners on the Ban List to attack or defend. Partners on the Ban List will be different for each Elite Ranked Match. Partners are on the Ban List for only one Elite Ranked Match. Other Elite Ranked Matches won’t be affected.

Peak Achievement in Brutal Age

Real-time recording for achievements! Players who have completed Peak Achievements will be displayed here. Only the most powerful players and best Partners will be recorded!

  • Warlord: Top 3 players of the current ranking.
  • Winning Streak Star: The player who completed the most 7-Win-Streaks.
  • Peak Partner: Partners with the highest HP, ATK, DEF, SPD along with their owners.


The scores obtained in challenges determine your position in the Rankings. The only way to get scores is to challenge other Chiefs. Winning streaks will get you way higher scores. But some scores will be deducted from your total scores when defeated. So it’s also important to set an impregnable defense team.

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A lot of rewards have been prepared for Elite Ranked Match, including rare Catfish [Skill] and Optional War Pattern Chests. All rewards will be sent via mail. Please check reward details by tapping the chest button at the upper right corner of the Elite Ranked Match interface. Score Rewards: Chiefs can claim it once the score requirements are fulfilled. Daily Ranking Rewards: The settlement will take place at 15:00 UTC each day. Chiefs can get rewards immediately according to real-time Rankings. Final Ranking Rewards: At the end of the Elite Ranked Match, Chiefs will get rewards according to their final Rankings


In Elite Ranked Match, the system will match random opponents of similar rankings with you, and you can choose one opponent from the list to challenge according to the Partners you own and Ban List so to increase your chances! Don’t forget, danger lurks in the shadow of opportunity. Defeating more powerful Chiefs means more scores in return. Is it worth it to take the risk? It is a question that you need to think on carefully before you start a challenge. If you can take advantage of color restraint relationships and partner skill effects, you will be invincible in Elite Ranked Match.

Challenge Chance

Challenge Chances will be displayed at the upper right corner of Elite Ranked Match interface as an “Axe”. Each challenge costs one “Axe”. At the start of each Elite Ranked Match, all Chiefs will have 3 chances. If you have less than 3 chances remaining, then one chance will be restored every 8 hours. You can also use items to immediately restore your Challenge Chances to 3.

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Defense Team

Defense Team only works in Elite Ranked Match. It’s the only way to protect your scores.

Win Streak in Brutal Age

Win streaks in Brutal Age provide more scores. Abundant rewards have been prepared for any 7-game win streak! You won’t want to miss it! erial, the Artifact will be removed automatically and no Souls are required.

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