Brutal Age: Artifact Introduction

Clear Adventure Stage 8-7 in Brutal Age at Normal Difficulty to unlock the Artifact system. Once unlocked, you can tap the Artifact button on the bottom right corner of your city to enter your Artifact Warehouse and manage your Artifacts. Also, you can equip Partners with Artifact on Partner Details interface.

Artifact Equip Effects

Artifacts can provide the equippers with stats bonuses and special Artifact skills.

Artifact Overall Effects

Once owned some Artifacts, players can enjoy the overall bonuses.

Artifact Summon in Brutal Age

Some Artifacts require players to own appointed Partners before the summons. “Own” means the activation status in the Brúdex. Once unlocked, players can use appointed Partner Crystals to summon Artifacts. Partner Crystals can be obtained from reclaiming Partners. The number of each type of Artifact a player can own has a limit. Once reached the limit, the Artifact can’t be summoned again.

Upgrade Artifacts

Artifacts can be enhanced with appointed Partner Crystals. Once upgraded, the Equip Stats Bonuses will be increased. The enhance is not a guaranteed 100% success.

Increase Artifacts’ Stars

Players can use appointed Partner Crystals to get Artifacts’ Star Points, and some Artifacts’ Stars Points can even be obtained with some Partners. Once accumulated enough Star Points, Artifacts’ Stars can be increased. Increase Artifacts’ Stars to enjoy better Artifact Equip Skills or better Overall Effects from some Artifacts.

Equip Artifacts

Partners reached 5-Star in Brutal Age can equip Artifacts on Partner Details interface

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Remove Artifacts

If a equipped Artifact has been selected by another Partner, players can spend Souls to remove the Artifact. If a Partner equipped an Artifact and then selected a new Artifact, the equipped Artifact can be removed with Souls. If a Partner equipped an Artifact has been used as mat

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