Township: Mine and foundry

How do I get mining tools?

You will need picks, dynamite, and TNT to work in the mine. There are several ways to get them:
1. Send out trains loaded with goods. They often bring back mining tools along with the usual construction materials.
2. Find mining tools in the mine itself. They may be hidden in earth tiles or bottles with messages.
3. Make sure to visit the market. It has special deals on mining tools every once in a while.
4. Play at the House of Luck to win mining tools as prizes.
5. Open treasure chests. They can be found in the mine or your friends’ towns, brought by ships from the islands, and given as a reward for sending fully loaded airplanes.
6. Ask your co-op members for mining tools using the co-op chat.
7. Take part in weekly regattas. You can get mining tools as rewards for strong finishes.
8. Use Township Cash to buy any mining tools you need right from the mine.

Where is the extracted ore stored?

All ore extracted in the mine is stored in the warehouse. To open it, go to the mine and tap the image of a box in the lower left corner. In the window that opens, you can see how much ore you have and sell any excess. The warehouse’s capacity is unlimited.

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How do I extract clay at the mine?

Clay is a special resource that is unlocked in the Mine when you reach level 58, and it has to be mined with care.

You can only extract clay using picks. Dynamite and TNT explosions destroy the deposits, so make sure there isn’t any clay within the explosion radius before detonating them.

How do I get ingots?

1. Extract ore from the Mine (unlocks at level 21), build Foundries, and smelt ore into ingots.
2. Play at the House of Luck to win them as prizes.
3. Open chests in the Mine and in your friends’ towns.
4. Open golden hot-air balloons in your town and your friends’ towns.
5. Send fully-loaded planes.
6. Race in regattas for the chance of earning ingots as rewards.
7. You can always use Township Cash to buy the ingots you need.

Why do I need ingots?

1. Use ingots at the Academy of Industry to upgrade your town’s factories and trains as well as island attributes, making all of them more efficient.
2. Send ingots with ships when trading with the islands to boost your chances of receiving certain goods and treasure chests.

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