Township: Beginner’s Guide

How do I plant crops and harvest my fields?

Here’s how you plant seeds:

  1. Tap an empty field. A panel with the available plants will appear at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Choose a seed type and drag it to the selected field.
  3. Without releasing your finger, move it over other fields to plant them with the same type of seed.

To harvest crops once they are ready:

  1. Tap a field that is ready to be harvested and drag the scythe to it from the panel that appears below.
  2. Without releasing your finger, drag the scythe over any other fields you want to harvest.
  3. You can also collect harvests by double-tapping ripe fields.

How can I get more fields?

Fields for planting are completely free. Find them under the Farming tab in the store. The number of fields available depends on your town’s population. The greater the population, the more fields you can set up. In order to increase your town’s population, build more houses.

How do I add more friends?

There’s a number of ways to add more friends:

  1. Tap Friends at the bottom left-hand corner of the screen, and then tap Invite friends. This tab lets you do the following:
    • Get your unique invitation code, which you can then share with your friends via Facebook or email.
    • Use other players’ invitation codes. Tap Enter to type in a code you received, and that person will be added to your Township friends.
  2. Tap Friends at the bottom left-hand corner of the screen, and then open the Find friends tab. Tap Invite to send an invitation to a random player you wish to add as your friend. Invitations from other players are displayed in the tab with the envelope icon.
  3. Add Township players on Facebook to see them as your in-game friends.

How do I feed farm animals?

You need to produce feed at the feed mill for that. Different animals eat different types of feed.

Once you produce some feed, do the following:

  1. Tap the farm to enter it.
  2. Drag a sack of animal feed from the bottom panel to any hungry animal on the farm. You can feed several hungry animals at once by dragging the feed across all of them at the same time.

How do I increase my population?

You need to build more houses to increase your population.

Information about your town’s population can be found in the top left corner of the screen:

  • Population is the number of residents living in your town at the moment.
  • Population cap is the maximum number of residents that can live in your town at the moment, something that depends on the number of community buildings you’ve built at townspeople requests (you see those requests every time you unlock a new level).

How do I rename my town?

You can rename your town using the town sign:
1. Find the sign with the current name of the town and tap it. It should be near the train station (unless you moved it somewhere else).
2. Tap the Pencil icon. Enter a new name for your town in the pop-up window.
3. Tap the Tick icon to save the new name.

How do I upgrade factories?

You need to build the Academy of Industry to upgrade factories. Tap the Academy to open a window displaying the list of factories you can improve. These are the attributes you can upgrade using ingots:
– The income you earn by selling factory items at the helicopter pad.
– The number of experience points you get for producing items.
– Production time for goods (it decreases).
– The number of shelves you have available for finished items (you can get an extra shelf).

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You can’t focus on upgrading just one attribute. Instead, you have to gradually improve all the different attributes to unlock the upgrades available at the Academy of Industry. Higher factory levels have more improvable attributes.

Different upgrade levels require different numbers of ingots, which are produced at the Foundry.

How do I get construction materials?

To construct buildings in your town, you need materials like Slabs, Red Paint, Nails, Hammers, Bricks, and Glass. There are a few ways to get them:
1. Send off trains loaded with goods. They come back with construction materials.
2. Make a habit of visiting the market. It has special deals on materials every once in a while.
3. Open treasure chests. They can be found in the mine or your friends’ towns, brought by ship from the islands, and earned as a reward for sending fully loaded airplanes.
4. Find treasure chests at sea. They start appearing at level 29 once you restore the Port, and they can be found around the islands once a day. If a chest is available, the game will automatically zoom in on its location.
5. Play at the House of Luck to win construction materials as prizes.
6. Take part in weekly regattas. You can get construction materials as rewards for strong finishes.
7. Use Township Cash to buy any materials you need.

Once you reach level 60, you’ll need special tools to finish constructing community buildings:
– Drills and Electric Saws starting from level 60.
– Jackhammers starting from level 62.

You can only get these tools at the Tool Exchange when you trade in construction materials.

How do I rearrange the buildings in my town?

Use Edit Mode. To open it for a specific building, just tap and hold that building, rotating or relocating it by tapping an empty spot in your town.

If you want to swap several buildings around or add more roads and pavement, you’ll need the town Edit Mode. To open it, tap the icon with green arrows in the bottom-left corner.

At level 10, you get access to temporary storage, which makes it easier to partially or completely redesign your town. Tap the box icon in Edit mode to use it.

1. Tap a building and then the arrow icon that appears below to move the building to temporary storage.
2. If you want to move all the buildings of one type to temporary storage at once, tap the blue button in the upper-left corner of the screen in any of the storage categories.
3. Use Erase Mode to move several different buildings to temporary storage. Move buildings and decorations just by tapping them. The Erase Mode button is in the upper-left corner of the screen.
4. Drag buildings from temporary storage to place them back in your town.
5. You can only save changes once you’ve put all the buildings back in your town, leaving just decorations in your temporary storage. The only exception is the town sign—it has to be set along with all the buildings before the changes can be saved.

How do I change the landscape and add roads in my town?

Edit Mode unlocks at level 4. Tap the green arrow in the bottom left corner of the screen or choose a covering type in the Construction menu under the Decorations tab.

If you want to change landscape and add pavement:
1. Open Edit Mode and select a pavement or landscape type in the menu at the bottom of the screen.
2. Tap the areas you want to modify, then tap the green button to confirm your changes.

Tap the Hammer in the menu to delete pavement. After that, tap the areas and confirm your action with the green button.

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If you want to add roads:
1. Open Edit Mode and select a road type in the menu at the bottom of the screen.
2. Drag your finger over an area you want to lay road on. You’ll see little flags marking the beginning and end of the road: simply drag any of the flags to move the road or remove it from the chosen area.
3. Use the green button to confirm your actions.

Tap the Hammer in the menu if you want to delete an existing road. Select the part of the road you want to remove and confirm your action with the green button.

Where can I find the tools I need to buy expansions?

You will need saws, shovels, and axes to free up space for new town expansions. There are several ways to get them:
1. Send out trains loaded with goods. Trains may bring you tools along with the usual construction materials.
2. Make sure to visit the market. It has special deals on tools every once in a while.
3. Open treasure chests. They can be found in the mine or your friends’ towns, brought by ships from the islands, and given as a reward for sending fully loaded airplanes.
4. Play at the House of Luck to win tools as prizes.
5. Take part in weekly regattas. You can get tools as rewards for strong finishes.
6. Use Township Cash to buy any tools you need.

Why do I need Township Cash? How do I earn it?

Township Cash is a kind of in-game currency. You can use it to accelerate most things in the game, including processing goods at your factories, growing crops in your fields, and much more. You can also use Township Cash to buy items or materials you might need.

There’s a number of ways to get Township Cash:
1. Visit your town regularly and collect your daily reward. Once you sign into the game more than four days in a row, each subsequent day comes with a chance to pick up one unit of Township Cash.
2. Construct buildings. Every time a new type of building appears in your town, your residents thank you and give you Township Cash as a reward.
3. Exchange gifts with your friends, as some of them may contain one unit of Township Cash.
4. Earn achievements in your Town Hall. The harder the achievement, the more Township Cash you’ll receive as a reward.
5. Assemble collections of artifacts at the Central Museum. You can earn three rewards for each collection.
6. Open treasure chests. They can be found in the mine or your friends’ towns, and can also be brought by ships from the islands. Inside you may find Township Cash along with other valuable items.
7. Play at the House of Luck to win Township Cash as prizes.
8. Take part in weekly regattas. You may receive Township Cash as a reward for strong finishes.
9. Buy Township Cash at the in-game store as an in-app purchase.

How do I avoid spending my T-cash by accident?

You have to activate T-cash purchase confirmations:
1. Open the game settings in the top left corner of the screen.
2. Go to Additional Settings.
3. Tick Use Cash in the Confirmation window section.

From now on a confirmation window will pop up every time you want to purchase something with T-cash.

ATTENTION! This option won’t work after another confirmation window has already popped up (e.g., when you don’t have enough materials to complete an action). You won’t be asked for additional confirmation in those cases.

How do I get more coins?

1. Enter the game every day to receive coins as daily bonuses.
2. Fill townspeople’s orders at the helicopter pad.
3. Explore the mine. You can find coins hidden there in earth tiles or treasure chests.
4. Play at the House of Luck to win coins as prizes.
5. Load and send airplanes. You’ll receive coins for every loaded crate as well as for fully loaded cargo holds.
6. Open chests with gifts from your friends. Some of them may contain coins.
7. Help your friends in their towns. Every product you give them earns you a few coins.
8. Sell items and building materials you don’t need right from the Barn.
9. Take part in weekly regattas. You can get coins as rewards for strong finishes.
10. Buy coins at the in-game store as an in-app purchase.

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How do gifts work in Township?

Every 24 hours you can send a gift to five friends. Open your Friends list to choose a friend you want to send a gift to, and then tap the Send button under their picture. If you’ve already sent that player a gift that day, the Send button will be replaced with a picture of a gift and a check mark.

Your friends can also send you gifts. If they do, you’ll see a hot-air balloon with the sender’s picture on it floating around your town. Tap the balloon to collect your gift and see the sender’s name.

Gifts can contain coins, clovers you can use to play at the House of Luck, and Township Cash. During events you might also get temporary goods featured in the ongoing event.

What are achievements?

Achievements in Township are a chance to get more experience points and Township Cash for completing everyday game tasks.

Tap the Town Hall to see the list of available achievements in the Achievements tab. Every achievement comes with a description of what you need to do in order to get it.

All achievements have four levels marked by stars. Reaching a new level earns you a reward, so you get experience points and Township Cash four times per achievement.

My barn is full. How do I make room for new goods?

You can upgrade your barn, which expands its capacity.
1. Tap Upgrade at the bottom of the Barn screen.
2. Collect the required building materials (hammers, nails, and paint) or buy them using Township Cash.
3. Tap the Increase Storage to... button.

You can also sell unwanted items directly from your barn to make room for new ones.
1. Tap the item you want to sell.
2. Specify an amount.
3. Tap Sell.

How do I save my game progress?

Your game progress is saved automatically if your device is connected to the internet, so it won’t be lost even if you reinstall the game.

You can also link your progress to the social network accounts you connect to the game. The current game version supports Facebook and Google Play (Android). All you have to do is connect to a social network to automatically associate your game progress with it.

ATTENTION! If you reset all the settings on your device, you can only restore your progress on your own if the game is connected to a social network. That is also the only way to transfer progress from one device to another.

If your town is not connected to a social network and you want to transfer or restore your game progress, please contact our customer support.

System requirements

The minimum system requirements for the game are listed below. Please bear in mind that they may change in the future if program modifications are introduced to the game.
– 1GB of RAM.
– iOS 9.0, Android OS 4.0.3 and later.
– 500 MB of free space.
– stable internet connection.

IMPORTANT NOTE: we strongly recommend complying with the requirements mentioned above to make sure you can enjoy the game without any problems. You can find more information about your device in the device settings or by checking with the manufacturer.

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