The Walking Dead: Survivors – Scavenge Sites

What are the benefits from occupying Scavenge Sites?

  1. You get resources from them in The Walking Dead: Survivors. Occupy a Veggie Farm to get Veggies, a Lumber mill to get Lumber, a Lake  to get Water, and a Hunter Ground to get Meat. The resources are automatically and continuously added to your town’s resources.
  2. You can get even more resources from you occupied Scavenge Sites if you send your Formation to it. Your Formation will actively gather resources on top of what’s already being produced.

How do I occupy a Scavenge Site in game The Walking Dead: Survivors?

  1. Go to the Region map. Use the search function to find a Scavenge Site of a level that suits you.
  2. You can still only occupy a certain level scavenge site if you have defeated the corresponding walker level.

All Scavenge Site levels can be searched for normally.

Why do Scavenge Sites have different levels?

The higher the Scavenge Site’s level, the more resources it produces and the longer its duration. But beware: higher level Scavenge Sites have stronger walkers to defeat.

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How can I check the yield of a Scavenge Sites?

  1. Click the Scavenge Site to view the hourly output.
  2. If there is a Formation gathering, you can check the progress and amount of that.
  3. Check the duration of the Scavenge Site to see how much time it can keep producing resources.

How can I manage my Scavenge Sites?

Access the management interface by clicking the Scavenge Center (in your town) or the Scavenge Center icon (state map view). You can view your Sites’ levels, names, coordinates and countdowns. You can also Abandon them here by clicking an Abandon button.

How can I increase the maximum amount of Scavenge Sites I can have occupied simultaneously?

By upgrading your Scavenge Center. At Town Hall level 9, you can build a Scavenge Center. For every time you level up your Scavenge Center, you can control 1 extra Scavenge Site, until a maximum of 25.

How do I know who controls a certain Scavenge Site?

By looking at the icon that’s displayed over the Scavenge Site.

  • If the icon is green, then you are occupying it.
  • If the icon is blue, then a Clan member is occupying it.
  • If the icon is red, then someone else is occupying it.

How can I tell the difference between an occupied Scavenge Site and Scavenge Site where someone is gathering?

By looking at the icon in The Walking Dead: Survivors.

  • A flag icon indicates the site is occupied.
  • A hammer icon indicates someone is gathering here.

How do I grab another Scavenge Site?

  1. Send your Formation to attack another player’s Scavenge Site. If you win, you can occupy the site. In case the other player has his Formation garrisoned at the Scavenge Site, his Formation will fight yours. (So scout first.)
  2. Send your Formation to an unoccupied Scavenge Site. If you defeat the Walkers at it, you can occupy the site.
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