Family Farm Adventure: A Game Guide for Beginners

Today we’re sharing a brief guide to the exciting game, Family Farm Adventure. Join Fela and Tomek on a thrilling adventure as you explore the uncharted island, tend to your crops and animals, and decorate your farm.

As a budding archaeologist, you’ll embark on quests to discover treasures and ancient artifacts that you can later sell for cash to fund your expeditions.

To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of helpful tips and tricks for Family Farm Adventure. Simply click on the question that interests you to reveal the answer.

How to get more Energy?

In Family Farm Adventure, energy is required to perform various actions such as planting, harvesting, cooking, and completing orders. If you run out of energy, you won’t be able to do any of these activities until it replenishes. Here are some ways to get more energy in Family Farm Adventure:

  1. Wait for it to recharge: Energy replenishes over time, so if you are patient, you can wait for it to refill.
  2. Use energy boosters: There are several types of energy boosters available in the game, such as energy drinks, energy bars, and energy cakes. These boosters can be obtained by completing certain tasks, opening gift boxes, or purchasing them with coins or gems.
  3. Level up: Every time you level up, your maximum energy increases, and your current energy is fully replenished.
  4. Complete achievements: Some achievements in the game offer energy boosters as rewards. Make sure to check the list of available achievements and work towards completing them.
  5. Connect to Facebook: By connecting your game to your Facebook account, you can receive energy boosts as gifts from your friends.
  6. Participate in events: During special events, you may be able to earn energy boosts as rewards for completing specific tasks or orders.

By using these methods, you can ensure that you always have enough energy to keep your farm running smoothly in Family Farm Adventure.

How to get more Gems?

There are several ways to get more gems in Family Farm Adventure:

  1. Leveling up: Each time you level up, you will receive a small number of gems.
  2. Completing achievements: You can earn gems by completing various achievements in the game. Tap on the trophy icon on the bottom left corner of the screen to see the list of available achievements and the rewards they offer.
  3. Daily login rewards: Login to the game every day to receive various rewards, including gems.
  4. Special events: Keep an eye out for special events in the game, as they often offer gems as rewards for completing certain tasks or objectives.
  5. Purchasing gems: You can purchase gems using real money via the in-game store. Tap on the plus icon next to your current gem count to access the store.

Remember to use your gems wisely and save them for important purchases such as expanding your farm or buying rare items.

How to get more Coins?

There are several ways to earn coins in Family Farm Adventure:

  1. Harvest and sell crops: Plant and harvest crops on your farm and sell them for coins.
  2. Complete orders: Fulfill orders from customers to earn coins and other rewards. You can access orders by tapping on the Order Board in the center of your farm.
  3. Complete achievements: Achievements offer rewards such as coins for completing various tasks and objectives.
  4. Visit friends’ farms: You can visit your friends’ farms and help them with tasks, which can earn you coins and other rewards.
  5. Sell unwanted items: You can sell items you no longer need, such as decorations or old machines, for coins.
  6. Participate in events: Special events are often held in the game and offer opportunities to earn coins and other rewards.
  7. Daily login bonus: Logging into the game daily offers a small amount of coins as a bonus.
  8. Watch ads: You can watch advertisements in the game to earn coins and other rewards.

How to get more fruits?

In Family Farm Adventure, there are several ways to get more fruits:

  1. Harvest your fields regularly: The most basic way to get fruits is by harvesting your fields regularly. The more you harvest, the more fruits you will get.
  2. Complete Orders: Completing orders in the game can also reward you with fruits. Make sure to check the order board regularly and fulfill the orders that require fruits.
  3. Visit Friends’ Farms: Visiting your friends’ farms can also help you get more fruits. You can harvest their fields and trees to get more fruits.
  4. Use Fertilizers: Using fertilizers on your fields and trees can help you get more fruits. Fertilizers can increase the yield of your crops and trees.
  5. Buy Fruits with Gems: If you are short on fruits, you can buy them with gems in the game. However, gems are a premium currency that you either have to buy with real money or earn through gameplay.
  6. Daily Login Rewards: Logging into the game every day can also reward you with fruits, as well as other resources and items. Make sure to claim your daily rewards to get more fruits.

How to get more candies?

In Family Farm Adventure, candies are a type of currency used to purchase special items and boosters. Here are some ways to get more candies in the game:

  1. Complete quests and missions – Many quests and missions in the game offer candies as a reward for completion.
  2. Participate in events – Events in Family Farm Adventure often offer candies as a reward for completing tasks or reaching milestones.
  3. Level up – As you progress through the game and reach new levels, you’ll receive candies as a reward.
  4. Daily login rewards – Logging into the game every day can earn you candies as part of the daily login rewards.
  5. In-app purchases – If you’re willing to spend real money, you can purchase candies directly through the in-game store.
  6. Trading with friends – You can trade items with your friends in the game, and sometimes candies are part of those trades.

By using these methods, you can accumulate more candies in Family Farm Adventure and use them to purchase special items and boosters that can help you progress through the game more easily.

How to get more Ice Cubes?

To get more Ice Cubes in Family Farm Adventure, you can try the following methods:

  1. Level up: As you progress in the game, you’ll level up, and each time you do, you’ll be rewarded with Ice Cubes.
  2. Complete Airship orders: Completing orders from the Airship is a great way to earn Ice Cubes, as well as other valuable rewards.
  3. Open hidden Chests on the map: Hidden Chests can be found all over the map, and they contain a variety of rewards, including Ice Cubes.
  4. Buy packs at the Bank: If you’re willing to spend real money on the game, you can buy packs of Ice Cubes at the Bank.
  5. Watch ads in the game: Occasionally, you’ll be offered the chance to watch an advertisement in exchange for a reward, which can include Ice Cubes.
  6. Join in the regular events: The game frequently hosts events where you can earn Ice Cubes by completing certain tasks or reaching specific milestones. Keep an eye out for these events and participate in them to get more Ice Cubes.

How to get TNT?

Here’s how to get TNT in Family Farm Adventure:

  1. Complete quests: As you progress through the game, you will receive quests that offer TNT as a reward for completion. Make sure to check the task list frequently to see if any quests offer TNT.
  2. Open hidden Chests on the map: As you explore new areas, you’ll come across hidden Chests that can contain TNT among other rewards. Make sure to keep an eye out for them as you explore.
  3. Buy packs at the Bank: The Bank offers various packs that contain TNT as well as other resources. You can purchase these packs using Gems or coins.
  4. Join in regular events: Family Farm Adventure regularly hosts events that offer TNT as a reward for participation. Make sure to check the event list and participate to get rewards.

In addition to these methods, you may also find TNT on the map. To use this TNT, simply tap on it and spend Gems to ignite it. Keep in mind that Gems are a valuable resource, so use them wisely!

What are Traders?

Traders in Family Farm Adventure are NPCs that you can trade your artifacts with for various rewards. These rewards may include special items, decorations, animals, and even energy or coins.

Each trader has a list of artifacts that they are looking for, and you can trade any of the artifacts you have collected in exchange for the rewards they offer. If you are able to trade all of the artifacts on a trader’s list, you will receive a bonus reward.

It’s important to note that some traders have time-limited exchanges, which means that you will only have a certain amount of time to trade your artifacts with them for better rewards. Be sure to check the timer on these exchanges and prioritize which traders to trade with first.

To find traders, you need to explore the fogged up areas on the map. Once you uncover the fog and find a trader, you can tap on them to open their trading menu. Here, you can see what artifacts the trader is looking for and what items or rewards they are offering in exchange.

It’s important to note that traders may not always be available on the map and their inventory may change over time. So make sure to check back regularly and exchange your artifacts for valuable rewards when you have the chance.

What are Collections?

In addition, you can also get artifacts by completing quests, participating in time-limited maps, and opening hidden chests on the map. It’s important to keep track of the artifacts you have and which ones you still need to complete a collection set. Once you have completed a collection set, make sure to exchange it for rewards at the Collections House before starting a new collection. And don’t forget to check the Traders for special exchange opportunities for your artifacts. Happy collecting!

Additionally, you can also obtain artifacts through the following means in Family Farm Adventure:

  • Completing quests and tasks given by NPCs.
  • Participating in time-limited events and completing event tasks.
  • Trading with Traders who appear on various maps.
  • Purchasing them from the Bank with Gems or Coins.
  • Receiving them as rewards for completing collections or exchanging with other players through the Trading Post.

How to get more XP?

  • Explore and clear fogged areas on maps.
  • Harvest crops and collect resources.
  • Feed and care for animals.
  • Participate in events and festivals.
  • Purchase and place decorations on your farm.

What if I don’t have enough Iron Ores?

It’s important to note that purchasing the Companion Adventure Camp requires Farm Cash, which is a premium currency that can be obtained through in-app purchases or as rewards from certain events. If you don’t want to spend real money, there are other ways to obtain Iron Ore, such as:

  • Completing quests and orders that reward Iron Ore
  • Clearing fog on maps to reveal Iron Ore deposits
  • Participating in events that offer Iron Ore as a reward
  • Trading with other players who have excess Iron Ore Remember to always prioritize your resources and plan ahead to ensure that you have enough Iron Ore for your needs.

What is the Order Board?

Completing orders not only gives XP and coins but also energy, which is essential for exploring the map and completing quests. It’s important to keep an eye on the Order Board and prioritize orders that offer high rewards or rewards that you need. Additionally, if you’re short on energy, completing orders can be a great way to quickly replenish it without spending any resources.

Why do my farm animals turn into golden trophies?

In Family Farm Adventure, farm animals have a limited lifespan and will eventually disappear after producing a certain amount of products. When they do, they will turn into golden trophies that can be tapped on to receive extra products. These trophies are a great way to maximize your production and get more out of your farm animals.

It’s important to note that different animals have different lifespans and will produce different amounts of products before turning into trophies. Make sure to keep track of your animals’ lifespans and plan your production accordingly to get the most out of them. Additionally, upgrading your animal pens and habitats can increase the lifespan of your animals, allowing them to produce more products before turning into trophies.

What are Workers?

Family Farm Adventure Workers are an important part of the game as they help produce items in your production buildings. The more workers you have, the more items you can produce at the same time.

To hire more workers, you need to build more Huts, Villas, and Cabins. Tap on any of these buildings to see the number of available Workers and the total number of Workers on your island. You can also see the total number of Workers you currently have in the upper right corner of the screen.

It’s important to note that each building has a maximum number of Workers it can hold. If you want to hire more Workers, you need to upgrade your buildings. To upgrade a building, tap on it and then tap the “Upgrade” button. Upgrading a building will increase the maximum number of Workers it can hold and also improve its appearance.

How to get?

Item How to get?
Strawberries Level up to unlock Strawberry seeds in the Fields
Ropes Made from Grass and Leaves in the Weaver’s Workshop
Boards Made from Logs and Branches in the Woodshop
Bread Made from Oat and Corn in the Kitchen
Cream Made from Goat Milk in the Dairy Shop
Special orders Appear on the Order Board on the beach of the Flower Farm after finishing a certain number of regular orders
  • Level up
  • Open hidden Chests on the map
  • Watch ads in the game
  • Join in the regular events
  • Level up
  • Open hidden Chests on the map
  • Watch ads in the game
  • Join in the regular events

How to get Animal Companions?

To get Animal Companions in Family Farm Adventure, you need to complete maps. Each completed map will unlock a new Animal Companion, which will accompany you on your adventures and help you find extra rewards such as Coins and Energy. The more maps you complete, the more Animal Companions you will unlock, each with their unique abilities and benefits. So keep exploring and completing maps to unlock all the Animal Companions and make the most out of your adventures in Family Farm Adventure.

Once you have acquired an Animal Companion in Family Farm Adventure, you can find the Animal Home on the west side of your Flower Farm island. Tap on the Animal Home and then select the Animal Companion you want to bring with you on your adventures. Once selected, there will be a ‘Follow Me’ button that you can press to have your Animal Companion join you.

The Animal Home also allows you to see which Animal Companions are still available to be unlocked. Keep exploring maps and completing quests to unlock more Animal Companions to add to your collection.

What can I do on maps?

In Family Farm Adventure, the Flower Farm is the starting location and the main hub of the game. It is where players begin their journey and where they can access various features of the game, such as the market, storage, and workshops.

Other maps are available for players to explore, and each of them contains unique items, resources, and treasures. These maps include the Island, Forest, Desert, and Snowy Mountain. Each map also has its own storyline, which players can follow as they progress through the game.

Exploring these maps requires Energy, which is a finite resource that replenishes over time. Players must carefully manage their Energy to explore as much of each map as possible, collect resources, and complete quests. In addition, players can also encounter Traders, who offer special items in exchange for artifacts, and participate in time-limited events and collections to earn rewards.

In Family Farm Adventure, fogged areas on the map contain valuable resources, treasures, and secrets. However, before you can explore these areas, you must clear the fog that covers them. To remove the fog, you need to clear the objects that are adjacent to it. As you progress through the game, you will encounter larger areas of fog that require more objects to be cleared to reveal the hidden treasures. So make sure to keep exploring, clearing the fog, and collecting valuable resources to advance in the game.

That’s correct! Each map in Family Farm Adventure has its own unique story and objectives, so there’s always something new to discover. And while it’s important to explore each map thoroughly to find all the hidden treasures and complete all the quests, don’t worry too much if a map is closed permanently. You can always revisit completed maps to gather more resources and enjoy the scenery. The game is all about having fun and going on exciting adventures!

Family Farm Adventure offers a special time-limited map called the Flower Festival, where players can complete quests and earn rewards by growing and harvesting beautiful flowers. The map is adorned with unique flower-themed decorations and items, and players can also fulfill special flower-themed orders. However, it’s crucial to note that the Flower Festival map is only available for a limited time, and players must complete all quests before the timer expires to obtain all rewards. Moreover, managing Energy efficiently is vital, as using Energy on the Flower Festival map will also reduce Energy on the main map.

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  1. Curious – is there any benefit to clearing everything possible on a map before going to the next one? Or is the point just to finish the missions?

    1. Clearing a map will gain you extra resources like wood, clay, ore, etc. Make sure to gather iron ore whenever you see it, but the resto of the resources are easier to find and more plentiful. Make sure to double check for chests, those little vases, and such. And tap on all structures or machines for resources. Some like to just complete the mission, I like to mostly clear the map so I can get all the chests and hard to find resources (fruit, keys, candy, etc).

  2. I’m trying to find out where I can find a list of what all the stuff in the game does, like the candy balls that come from the animals when they turn to gold.
    I have looked in the inventory bag where they go and it only shows stuff like how much grass, wood, sticks and that stuff.

    1. The candy balls can be used at the fire pit as an energy drink

  3. I can’t figure out how to use the bee hive.

  4. Hi,
    Where n how to collect water to make tea in exchange for energy.

  5. How do you use the espresso/coffee machine

  6. How do I activate an hourglass?

  7. Where are the coffee beans on herb island?

  8. Why does my hits show people 😴 I can’t get boards or rope ????

  9. How do I save the fire dragon? I have enough red crystals but I can’t get them transferred to the fire pit. How do I do this?

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