Call of War: World War II – Supply Drops & Blueprints

Every 2-3 days in Call of War: World War II a supply drop can appear in your game round. They contain valuable resources or blueprints for the elite unit levels. Supply drops spawn in neutral or enemy provinces that have to be conquered within 48 hours to capture them.

Active supply drops are marked on the map with a supply drop icon:

There is also a supply drop timer in the corner of the screen, showing the remaining time in which the supplies have to be collected:

Clicking on it provides further information:

Here is an overview on supply drops:

Spawning requirements:

  • The game round is ranked.
  • Map size of 22 players or bigger.
  • Less than 4 supply drops currently active in your other played game rounds.
  • 48 hours passed since the last supply drop.


  • Spawns in neutral or enemy provinces. Does not spawn in provinces of nations with which you shared map with.
  • It is possible that an allied player conquers the province after the supply drop spawned, in which case the supply drop remains in that province for the duration of the timer.


  • Conquering the province collects the supplies.
  • Receiving the province from an ally via province trade does not count.


  • 40% chance to contain 3 random resources. The amount per resource depends on the strength of the nation in which the drop appeared. The stronger the nation, the higher the resource rewards.
  • 60% chance to contain a random blueprint of a unit with a yet to be unlocked elite level. Collect all blueprints of a unit in order to permanently unlock its elite level. This allows you to research the highest level of this unit in any game round going forward.
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Blueprints can also be bought with gold inside the player profile or inside the research tree:

Earned or purchased blueprints will remain in your possession forever. Once you collected all blueprints of a unit you will also forever be able to research its elite level in your game rounds.

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