The Walking Dead: Survivors – Survivor System Guide

How can I obtain Survivor EXP?

Survivors are divided into 2 categories: Development Survivors and Combat Survivors.

  • Obtain Development EXP by assigning Development Survivors to buildings in your Town that correspond with their occupation.
  • Obtain Combat EXP by defeating walkers on the map

Where can I find the Combat EXP that I obtain from killing walkers?

They show directly in the Survivor Upgrade interface (see picture).

Where can I find the Development EXP that I obtain from letting my survivors work in my buildings?

They show directly in the Survivor Upgrade interface (see picture).

  • Assignment of survivors to certain buildings unlocked at level 12.

How to upgrade Survivor Skills?

By leveling up your Survivors (using EXP). Every 5 EXP levels, a skill is unlocked. When all skills are unlocked, every 5 levels a skill is upgraded.

In this table you can see how skill and skill levels are related to Survivor EXP levels (using The Godfather as an example).

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What is the role of the Survivor’s attributes?

1. Combat Survivors have the following attributes:

  • Leadership: This number shows how many fighters (any type) the Survivor can lead in his crew.
  • Attack: The attack bonus that is added to the attack power of the fighters in the Survivor’s crew (so: not the whole formation).
  • Defense: The defense bonus that is added to the defense power of the fighters in the Survivor’s crew (so: not the whole formation).
  • Health: The health (ability to take damage) bonus that is added to the health of the fighters in the Survivor’s crew (so: not the whole formation).

2. Development Survivors have attributes that match their occupation.

  • For example: Grace’s occupation is Farming. Her attribute is ***Food production speed***. The higher the attribute value, the greater the benefits.

How can I enhance the Survivors’ attributes?

By upgrading their EXP Level and Star Level.

How can I enhance the Global Effect?

By upgrading Star Level.

How does Global Effect work?

Global Effect automatically takes effect after you acquire the Survivor, no matter if the Survivor is in Formation, has been assigned to a building or is simply idle. Effects of your Survivors combined can stack, so the more Survivors you have, the stronger your total Global effect.

How to check the current working status of a Survivor?

1. Open the Survivor interface (tap the Hat icon on the main interface when you’re in your town). Look at the All tab.

  • In Formation: Survivors displayed here are in a Formation leading a Crew.
  • Have job: Survivors displayed here have been assigned to a building and are working there.
  • Idle: Survivors displayed here are doing none of the above.
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2. Open the Survivor interface and tab one of the Survivors. In the top right corner it says on which location they are, except when they’re idle (then this corner is empty).

3. Tap a building in your town to see if (which) Survivor is assigned to it.

I have a lot of Survivor Fragments and Skill Medals left over from my compensation packs. What should a do with them?

Hold on to them: they still have value. We currently are working on an exchange system for Survivor Fragments and Skill Medals. We will share more details when the system is about to be released.

How can I get more Survivors and Skill Medals?

You get them from the Strongest Survivor, Settlement Siege, Survival Challenge these events.

  • Use Survivor Call items (or the daily free chances) for a chance to summon a new Survivor. You have a chance to get a Survivor, Survivor Fragments, Skill Medals, EXP items and other items.
  • Recruit a Survivor by paying an amount of resources or Rubies and wait until the timer ends.

  • Complete daily tasks and participate in events! Often there quite a large amount of Survivor Call items, Skill medals, EXP items and so on in the rewards.

Survivors Formation Rules

  • Formations must have a survivor in order to add troops to the crew.
  • Development Survivors can not lead formations.
  • The above rules also apply to Duels.
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