The Salvationists Introduction – The Walking Dead: Survivors

Embrace yourself for your world is changed. There are rumors of a large, heavily armed group of survivors: The Salvationists in game The Walking Dead: Survivors. They live in Salvation City and maintain a number of Outposts. To Communities in a wide area around them, they offer only one deal: either give them half of everything… or die.

Communities across the state depend on your Clan to stand up to their oppressors. If you choose to help them, they will be most grateful and point you to even greater rewards and benefits. They might know where The Salvationists live and keep their valuables. But be warned: The Salvationists are strong and can’t be underestimated!

Soon it’s time to find out: Can your Clan conquer Salvation City?

How to play?

  • On the map, there are 72 Lv.1 Communities, 36 Lv.2 Communities, 12 Lv.3 Communities, 3 Lv.4 buildings (named Outposts) and 1 lv.5 building (named Salvation City).

  • Join a Clan. Build the Clan Territory adjacent to a Community’s territory in order to be able to attack it.
  • Attack and occupy the Communities and Outposts in order of level: first Lv.1, then Lv.2, then Lv.3 and so on.
  • You can start attacking the first Communities when you have completed Chapter 1 of The Chronicles, and when the timer of that chapter has finished the countdown.
  • As soon as the Community is occupied, Peace stage starts. The occupying Clan enjoys the buff provided by the Community.
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  • As long as the Clan occupies the Community, the Community’s territory is added to the Clan’s territory.


Stage II: Peace in The Walking Dead: Survivors

This is the time when the Community is occupied. The Community can’t be garrisoned,  scouted or attacked.

Stage III: War (PvP mode)

  1. When Peace time ends, the Community will become vulnerable for attacks for a certain time. Now other Clans can attack the Community. The occupying Clan can send (garrison) Formation to defend the Community against other Clans.
  2. How many Formations can be garrisoned in the Community, depends on the first Clan member that garrisons a Formation: it’s the same as this player’s rally capacity. (This is controlled by the building Crew Affairs (the Bar).)
  3. If the attacking Clan defeats all garrisoned Formations, the Clan will occupy the Community and become the defensive army. The winning Formation is directly garrisoned in the Community, and the Clan members can reinforce.
  4. During War time, this can go on for a certain time. When the countdown is over, the Clan that ultimately occupies the Community wins. A new Peace stage starts. The winning Clan enjoys the buffs of the Community.

Note: at the beginning,  you are only allowed to build the Clan Base the in 3 kinds of area outside

And this goes on and on!

After the Peace time has ended, a new War stage starts in game The Walking Dead: Survivors. When War ends, it’s followed by a new Peace time, and so on and so on.

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