The Walking Dead: Survivors – Exploration Guide

Exploring the Sate Map Now!

There’s no Google Maps, no GPS and no tourist service – yet, get ready to explore the State. Disperse the fog by sending your scouts. Are you prepared for the atrocities you’ll find?
Note: This function involves fog. But in order to preserve the experience of current players, the fog will have already dispersed completely on all accounts on current servers (1-11).

Getting ready to Explore

  • You need an Exploration Shack in game The Walking Dead: Survivors to explore. (Unlock one when your Town Hall reaches Lv.3, Lv.8 and Lv.13.)
  • Then construct an Exploration Camp and assign a Survivor to it. Now you can scout other players. Level up the Exploration Camp to reduce scout and exploration time.

Note: The scout function now associated with the Exploration Shack. You can send out 3 scouts at the same time at most. This does not influence the Marching Queues.

Dispersing the fog – The Walking Dead: Survivors Guide

  • Tap on a foggy area to explore it. A Survivor will go there, dispersing the fog so you can see the area.
  • You can only disperse fog in areas that border areas that are already cleared.
  • We’ve added Water Towers to the map. These give a wider view of the area than normally.
  • You can not only see the areas that you have explored, but also the areas nearby Town Hall of Clan members.
  • The special item ‘Area Map’ disperses the fog.
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Note: You can’t relocate to a spot that’s still foggy, and you can’t battle in the fog. Dispersing the fog is therefore also a way to get more battle options.
Exploring and getting rewarded

  • When you explore, you will sometimes find Abandoned Camps. At Abandoned Camps marked with a gift icon or logo, something unexpected will happen. Tap to view the event and rewards.

  • If you see a Water Tower, tap it to get a better view of the area. If this reveals an Abandoned Camp where something’s up, you will receive a letter about it.

  • In Abandoned Camps in The Walking Dead: Survivors, you might find an Area Map. This item can disperse fog. (If the fog is already dispersed, then instead of an Area Map, you’ll find a 5 minute Speed Up item.)
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