Wildscapes: The zoo, animals, and decorations

How do I open new expansions, enclosures, and areas?

The zoo is made up of areas that consist of locked expansions where animal enclosures are placed. You need to increase your zoo’s rating to unlock new expansions.

The zoo rating is shown in the main screen. You need to fill the rating bar with sun points that you get for buying animals and decorations. Tap the bar to find out how many points you need to increase your zoo rating.

You need to beat match-3 levels in Wildscapes to earn coins that you can use to buy animals and decorations. The higher your zoo’s rating, the more bonus coins you get when you beat levels. You start getting bonuses when your zoo reaches rating 2.

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What are requests? Why do I need to complete them?

Some visitors may ask you for new animals or decorations for the zoo. Complete their requests to get diamonds that you can use to buy boosters and additional moves.

Requests always appear as bubbles over the visitors and show what they are asking for. Tap the bubbles to see visitors’ requests and collect your rewards.

Can I change my name in the game?

You can change your in-game name at any time:
1. Go to the game’s settings by tapping the gear icon in the main screen.
2. Tap the edit sign next to the field where your name is.
3. Enter your new name and tap OK.

What rewards can I earn in the game?

There are a few ways to earn coins, power-ups, diamonds, and additional or unlimited lives in the game:
1. Beat match-3 levels and open Star Chests to get coins.
2. Open Star Chests or Zoo Chests and complete animal families to get power-ups.
3. Open Zoo Chests, complete visitors’ requests, and complete animal families to get diamonds.
4. Get unlimited lives as a part of your Daily Bonus or with some Bank offers.

How can I move enclosures and decorations around?

Tap and hold an object to enter Edit Mode.

Use the Edit Mode menu to:
– relocate objects.
– rotate objects.
– store objects (decorations only). You can find all your stored decorations at the Store. Tap the decoration you’d like to return to the zoo and then tap Place.

What is a Daily Bonus and how can I get it?

All players at Level 9 and above get a Daily Bonus every day.

Once a day, when you open the game, you’ll see a window where you can collect your bonus by tapping Claim. The bonuses can be unlimited lives or different types of boosters.

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You don’t need to play every day in order to get a Daily Bonus. Your reward progress is saved in the game, so you will get the next bonus the next time you open the game, no matter how many days later.

– You need a stable internet connection to collect your Daily Bonus
– The time and date on your device have to be accurate
– Once you collect the super bonus on the seventh day, a new week starts featuring new bonuses!

How do I get zoo upgrade points?

You need to collect sun points to level up your zoo.

Here’s what you need to do to get them:
– Buy animals. Go to a habitat and tap an available animal to see how many sun points you’ll get.
– Install decorations. The amount of sun points you need is displayed on the decoration icon.

Fill the progress bar with sun points to increase the amount of coins you get for beating match-3 levels. This will also let you unlock new areas and territories.

Why do I need to level up my zoo in Wildscapes?

The progress bar gets filled with sun points every time you buy animals and decorations. Once it’s full, you’ll move up one zoo level. Here’s what leveling up gives you:
– Bonus coins for beating match-3 levels. You get this bonus every time you level up your zoo.
– Access to new areas. Please note that the new areas only unlock on certain levels. Don’t worry if you haven’t unlocked a new area when leveling up—just keep on playing and filling your progress bar.

How do I unlock new animals?

Here’s how you can unlock new animals:
1. Open a new habitat or area by filling your progress bar with sun points. One habitat is always available to you when you open a new area, but the habitats only unlock on certain levels. To find out what zoo level you need to unlock a new area, tap a habitat in a locked area.
2. Beat match-3 levels. Go to an open habitat and tap a locked animal to find out how many levels you need to beat to unlock it.

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What do I get for assembling a whole animal family?

You get a power-up and some diamonds for assembling a whole animal family.

An animal family consists of two adult animals and two baby animals. Every time you buy a new animal, a paw sign is added to the ribbon under the family’s name. You get a reward box for collecting all four paws.

How do I unlock decoration collections at the store?

All the decorations are divided into tabs that correspond to different areas in the game. You need to open a new area to unlock a tab.

You need to beat match-3 levels to unlock decorations for the open areas. The required number of levels is shown under each decoration at the store.

Remember that pathways can only be placed in their corresponding areas, whereas all other decorations can be installed in any available place.

How do I edit roads?

Every new territory you unlock comes with pre-installed pathways that help visitors get around the zoo. Feel free to remove any path you like or move it around.

To do that, open Edit Mode in Wildscapes by tapping and holding any part of the path for a few seconds. Remove the selected fragment by tapping the box icon in the pop-up menu. Select a new pathway at the store and lay it anywhere you like on unoccupied areas.

There’s no more space for decorations in the zoo

If you’re running out of room for new decorations, you can rearrange the objects in the territories you’ve already unlocked:
1. Try moving the habitats around. You may find better placements for them.
2. Lay pathways in a different way. Try avoiding intersections to free up space for more decorations.
3. You can always store the decorations you don’t need. Just tap and hold them and then tap the box icon in the pop-up menu. Don’t worry, you can always access the decorations you’ve stored.

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