Wildscapes: How do I restore my lives? How many can I have?

Lives are attempts to beat levels in Wildscapes. You can have a total of five, and you lose one every time you fail a level. It takes 30 minutes to refill one life. You can also use coins to refill lives or ask your friends for them. You can see how many lives you have and how much time you have left until one is refilled in the top left corner of the zoo screen. IMPORTANT NOTE: if your friend sends you an extra life when you already have five, which is the maximum amount, you won’t be able to use it. But don’t worry: it’ll become available once you lose one of your current lives.

I’m missing some lives my friends sent me

There’s a number of ways to fix this problem:
1. Check your internet connection. Make sure it’s working and stable.
2. Make sure your game is connected to Facebook.
3. Restart your device. You may be experiencing temporary problems sending and receiving data, and restarting your device is the easiest way to fix them.

What are unlimited lives? How do I get them in Wildscapes?

Unlimited lives are a special reward that allows you to play match-3 levels without losing a life within a given time limit.

There are a couple ways to get unlimited lives:
– As part of the Daily Bonus.
– As an offer at the Bank.

NOTE: The timer on unlimited lives starts counting down as soon as you get the reward, and it can’t be paused or stopped.

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